Into The Wild (with Sruli Recht)

This Easter, The Stylemeister is headed deep into the southern highlands of my state; into a wild, untamed landscape that’s been left to evolve and flow into lush, green hills and valleys, where wildlife is free, the landscape’s barely touched and where humans remain scarce.

I’ll be setting up camp under the stars, hunting, clearing land, running around on an ATV and generally being wild by day, and by night, relaxing infront of log fires, staring up into a stunning night sky, wine glass in hand … bliss …

… And what better threads to do it in than in Sruli Recht’s latest collection which is undoubtedly an untapped, wild and riotous approach to design. This emerging industrial and style designer shows a respect for the outdoors and also for the wintery realm he hails from – creating a wardrobe that’s well suited to his home base in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The collection – “When Gravity Fails” – is reminiscent of antiquity Nordic/Viking clothing; leather, wool and feathers – fabrics that are true to his classical warrior and conquest heritage.

Recht’s style is triumpant, victorious, dramatic and screams of a warring spirit that’s one with the environment. He’s also unapologetic about using animal furs and feathers to accentuate his looks, churning out this current collection in an almost animalistic  prolific-ism that’s undeniably attractive and should wear well.

Grab one of his jackets and then shout with me … “I am man, hear me roar!” More looks from ‘When Gravity Fails’ below:



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