Authur Galan, is the Man!

Classy, classic, rock your girl's world.

Man o’ man, Authur Galan. MSP absolutely dig finding hidden gems, (or in Authur’s case not so hidden), and talking about it throughout the office. The girls go ga-ga,the guys start planning their next purchase and Stig and Style get busy writing articles.

Men’s fashion is at the forefront as Arthur Galan AG continues to provide a progressive range of outfits for the man about town. He does an exceptional job at this and we are very big fans.

Dynamo! Jackets with a difference.

Arthur Galan AG delivers a monochromatic palette that reaches new platforms. Colours that we feel are essential to a masculine wardrobe. The classic white shirt is a staple piece that has been treated to a multitude of variations with piped necklines and contrasting insert lapels and yokes. Going that extra mile with detail in a men’s collection is essential for differentiation and class. It also defines the range to be mid-market to premium luxury as it’s more difficult for the value retailer to copy and receive the ROI they desire.

Classic white shirt, men's tuxedo and velvet bowtie.

Bringing back elegance and charm to tailoring opulence for men takes on new heights with wider lapels, silk satin and panelling and completed with old skool oversized velvet bow ties. Luxury is back in a big way and we love it! As you know for a long time MSP have been talking about chivalry and gentlemanship. Seeing a designer draw this concept into his range is exciting and overdue!

Leather and leather trims are as integral across the men’s collection. Leather panels on coats and pants and leather segments on lapels lead the range with the highlight being the super skinny, stretch leather pant. And to complete the leather extravaganza skinny leather ties make their way back onto the must have accessory list.

A hint of colour on the knitwear - charming.

The hint of colour finds its place in knitwear and check shirts that are offered in a barely there nude shade of peach pink. Ivory and camel coloured pants finish the colour selection offering hues ideal for a sharp contrast.

Knitwear take on a chic, comfort factor in slouchy, loose fitting shapes with the chunky black and white hooded cardigan the must have for the season. While the detachable shearling collar is the new scarf and sets the tone for the aviator segment of the collection.

For an eclectic feel try pairing the stretch leather pant with a satin lapel boiled wool blazer and one of a selection of check shirts in contrasting trim necklines. Always ahead of the pack yet taping into signature tailoring there are pieces for every work or play situation.

Checkered shirt under a heavily detailed leather jacket.

Arthur Galan’s creation in 1998 of his self-titled label ‘Arthur Galan AG’ has developed into a leading Australian brand designing signature collections for men and women.

The Arthur Galan AG man is assertive and modern. Both recognise Arthur Galan’s style, cut and quality as essential criteria to their wardrobe.

Arthur’s skill, usage of superior fabrics and attention to detail has cemented a loyal and fashion savvy customer base. The ability to produce Arthur Galan AG in-house in his own manufacturing facility has given Arthur complete control over quality and enables him to move quickly in design direction, trend analysis and the testing of impulse ideas.

Since launching, Arthur has successfully infiltrated the retail market nationally with 14 stores.

A brilliantly engineered men's scarf.



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