Men Are Useless; really?

Don't take the business name seriously. It's just a package.

The one thing that I really dig about the British is that they are clever. Okay they’re arrogant at times, and forget to wear their sunscreen when they hit the beaches in the ‘no-o-zone’ southern hemisphere and end up looking like lobsters, but one thing is for sure – they can definitely use their brains.

I recall seeing a very clever retail concept store several years back in London called G.Room. It stood for The Gentleman’s Room and was abbreviated to G.Room, playing on the whole bride/groom union. The women loved it, the men shed their fear of walking into a retail store, and thus loved it, and here we saw the first brilliant men’s concept store blossom, and then die. Why?

This one-store concept, needed an injection of cash and loyalty to keep it thriving. Then you have the imitators who set up with larger capitals backing them, and you have the mere male retreat into his shell once he has tried something he likes, and then starts to buy it online. And so forth.

Groom disappeared, but someone saw a niche. And called it, Men Are Useless. It’s brilliant.

Gratitude thinking on the packaging...lurve it.

When I first saw the name, I was like, ‘WHAT???’. Like hell we are. We are grand, we are strong, we are men. Then when I looked at the site; I realised what they were doing.

Selling ease!

Nothing is more attractive than convenience. Especially in a world where time is tight, pressure is high, and leisure is desired. Men are Useless, make the mundane into a monthly box scheme for male grooming essentials.

Going the whole distance, with the packaging...

The Men Are Useless aim … to give men (and the people who love them) more time to play out, fight sharks, catch baddies, build dens, practise wheelies and hit the heights they deserve.  For around the same price you’d pay in the shops we do your essential toiletry shopping for you, box it up and deliver through your letterbox!

We believe …
Men have better things to do than go shopping for male grooming stuff.
Their partners should not be leaned upon to buy their essentials.
There are a lot of rubbish toiletries out there that should not be selling in the numbers they are
Men with better things to do prefer fewer, better choices.
Men should not be walking out their houses smelling like their partner’s bathroom products
Busy men should not be worrying about the mundane
Male Chromosomes + Shops = misery
All men, given some free time, can find a creative use for it
Why bother doing the boring stuff – it uses up the time you should be doing rewarding stuff
Good grooming essentials should not cost the earth.

Yes and Yes!!! MSP couldn’t agree more! Shop on!
Check out their Wall of Shame which is hilarious and also very very true.




2 thoughts on “Men Are Useless; really?

  1. a suberbly written, brilliant researched article … we agree with nearly every word!

    the Men Are Useless chaps

    PS: Are the British really arrogant? We think they just think they know better … ah, answered our own question there!

  2. Ah hello Mr Men,
    Wonderful to hear from you chaps and we are very glad that you like the article.
    Congrats on a superb site, and a clever idea. As for the Brits being a little arrogant, well they are clever, and have sensational wit.
    And I must say I do miss listening to BBC4 radio. It was some of the best debating, journalism and talk back I’d ever heard.
    The MSP team.

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