Can’t say ‘I love you’?…Read on.

As I sit here listening to Dave Matthews Band, I reminisce on the stories of first love that I’ve heard over the years. During my travels, I tend to eavesdrop. And no, I’m no perve, but I love listening in on people’s conversations and sensing where they’re at, or where they’re not at.

Nothing saddens me more, than seeing a couple sitting at a restaurant table, silent and devoid of emotion. They eat, the look away, they fidget, they pat their mouths with their napkin, ask for the bill and then leave. A social ritual full of obligation, and no passion. A couple almost trapped in vows, with no assistance to break the lock-down emotion that entraps the glow of understanding and forgiveness. I’d rather see some emotion where the lady gets up and leaves and the man rushes after her knowing he’s about to lose the best thing that’s walked into his life. Or vice versa.

Many a conversation with Stylemeister has been over the lack of love within the male/female union. It’s actually one of the reasons we started this site. Along with styling to get your confidence up, connection is also key within yourself and those you love to bring joy into your life. Permanent joy.

Guys mean to tell their ladies all the things they’ve been thinking deep inside. But for some reason, most of the time it doesn’t happen. We are all geared to avoid rejection, there’s no questioning that. Us fellas are built to conquer. It’s in our DNA to protect, and to provide. And as young boys we are taught not to cry. All of this bundled into our now matured, male, masculine energies, leaves us with some very vital components missing, that block us from getting the girl. And don’t we hate that!

If you didn’t notice already, women love hearing what we have to say, about them. “You look lovely tonight; you look so pretty in the candle light…” It validates her, and let’s her know that she’s in the right relationship, the right energetic union and that you’re not afraid to reaffirm her beauty and love every day. Yes, of course there’s plenty of charmers out there, and players who do this to get something else; but if you’re one of those fellas who is genuine, sincere, good-hearted and need a hand to SAY what’s on your mind, then you’ve struck gold tonight!

Ever thought about saying I love you in a song?

MenStylePower has stumbled across a new website that provides custom made songs for her. That one special lady that you love, or the one that got away, can now have a song, written especially for her from ‘you’. This clever little business is called “A Song for Her” and it helps you say how you feel, in the most romantic way possible, in a song. We’ve heard that perfect song on the radio and thought, ‘damn I wish I wrote that; or ‘that song is exactly about what’s going on in my life right now’. We’ve got hundreds of songs stacked up on our iTunes, and 90% of music written is about love, so now – there is an opportunity for you to say what you’ve been meaning to say for…years.

Award-winning songwriter - Gil Grand

The songs at A Song For Her are written or co-written by multiple Canadian Country Music Award (CCMA) winner, including Male Vocalist of the Year and Record Producer of the Year Gil Grand.  Today, Grand lives in Nashville where he remains a successful songwriter and chart-topping music publisher with Grand and Gee Music Group. His publishing company has twice earned a CCMA nod for Music Publisher of the Year in 2009 and 2010, and has just been nominated for another song of the year at the 2011 CCMA awards. So you can be sure, you’ve got an award-winning writer helping you out here. This ain’t no karaoke fellas. 

At A Song For Her, they make it easy to say what you really mean. And the process is super easy. You select the song that best fits your relationship.  Fill out a questionnaire and give them all the specifics they need to begin crafting your very own song. A Song For Her is that special something you’ve been trying to find for that special someone. Best of all, it will be cherished for years to come.

All songs are recorded in a full-service studio on Nashville’s famous Music Row.

Grand Entrance of the recording studio in Nashville

Centre room of the recording studio.

Control room

Where it all begins, the writer's room

There are no drum machines or synthesized sounds – only real, ‘live’ instruments are used to make your song as professional as what you hear on the radio.  In fact, the very same musicians you hear on the radio or on your favorite CD’s, on stage in concert or on televised awards shows, are the actual players performing on YOUR song.  

Imagine the one you love hearing how much he or she means to you.  Whether you are trying to say “I love you,” “I miss you” or “I’m sorry,” A Song For Her is the most heartfelt, original gift you could ever give someone.


A Song for Her…



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