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Summer in the Mojave Desert circa 1946: under a glaringly hot sun, armies of young, yet not-so-carefree GIs, survivors of the Great war, take to the highways in hot rods and mo’bikes, cruising through the American landscape en masse, trying to recreate the camaraderie and feeling of belonging they’d discovered during their time fighting together side by side.

This was the advent of the ‘easy rider’.

The car and motorcycle clubs of the late 40s and early 50s sprang from a sense of post war detachment. Hot roddin’ became a favourite pastime as those trained in the military now turned their skills toward building and racing cars, meeting regularly and racing each other on the dry lakes and lone highways of the Californian deserts, clad in leathers, hunting shirts and parkas reminiscent of the GI uniform. A new cult of highway style was born.

UK based Heritage Research’s Spring Summer 2011 collection is an homage to those servicemen – one that screams freedom and danger, an appeal to those who crave the adrenaline rush of action found in Hot Rodding and motorcycle riding.

The ‘Easy Rider Aviator’ style blends military issue garments e.g. chinos with civvies – a sartorial preppy style that reflects a nostalgia for bygone times, yet delivers a modern twist.   Though born out of a time of necessity, this collection is designed for a specific purpose – to function and protect under adverse and challenging conditions.

The collection features car club shirts, drizzler, klondike, pathfinder and de mob jackets, USN officer shoes, semi brogues, and even an “Eastman for HR” 1940s motorcycle leather jacket; each a hardy, tailored made garment that reflects a bygone era with class and style.

Heritage Research is a specialist men’s clothier, who take time to tailor their garments and add to each collection, character and a story that celebrates manhood, strength and courage in every way, not unlike MenStylePower ;-).

Aside from specialist or collaborative pieces, all HR garments are handmade right in England, under one roof, by skilled craftsmen and women. Forget a huge production line; HR is all about ensuring quality not quantity; and they’ve replaced the generic slickness of mass manufacturing with character and warmth.

HR is designed and made for someone who appreciates the stamp of an individual and look for strong, male narrative in all he does, wears, sees, lives and breathes. You perhaps?



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