Summer Stylin’ Hotels

So we’ve been gearing you up with men’s style trends, new menswear designers and ideas for years. Now it’s time to take them to a place when you can show off your wardrobe and get in some well deserved R&R. To become a true Style-ist, your personality, character, love of all things individual needs to omit from all areas of your life. That’s why we’re covering a few groovy, cool and not so conventional hotels in this article. Mind you we’ve been to them so can tell you how much we love em.

Camper Hotels. Simple, practical, less is more, groovy. These dudes really know how to build a concept, into a hotel, into a desire. Check out the pictures that say it all below. (ps: Camper Hotel in Barcelona was brilliant!)

Casa Camper hotel is located in the multicultural heart of the city in the Raval area, full of galleries (including the MACBA), bars, little restaurants, and only 2 minute walking distance from Plaza Cataluña. The building, a typical 19th-century gothic tenement, was restored by architect Jordi Tió and perfected by an interior from Ferran Amat of Vinçon. It now stands as one of the city’s premier boutique hotels.

Lost and Found Hotel. What a great concept! If you’re ever in the Southern Hemisphere check out this little ditty. Smart, minimalist design that will make you feel like a King even if you’re on a budget. With exceptional support for their local artist, most of the accessories in the rooms are made by the locals who are both unknown and internationally known. Go you good thing.

The Library: Splendid I say ol’ chap.  I love a good read. This brilliant hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand states this; that no one is in control of your happiness . . . The question in life is not how much time do we have, but what we do with it ! Life is short, don’t hesitate . . .Life starts at the end of your comfort zone, live outside the box. Stop over analyzing, life is simple. This is your life do what you love and do it often. Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them so go out and start creating. Life is like a story, don’t live in others . . . Start your story here at The Library. Sip, Feel, Chill, Absorb and Be inspired with the “Luscious Space”. DIG!!

Real happiness is not complicated at all. If we know how to utilize it. Basic simple things in life and existing natural resources are more than valuable in itself. We need only time and space to feel, touch, and treasure it.

Happy hotel hoppin’



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