Best Hair Styles for Men 2011 – MSP EDIT

Oh, the vanity in us all. Coming for a family that was primarily dominated by some fire sign (i.e. Leo, Aries or Sag), being in the spotlight was a pre-requisite for the males in my inner circle. Plus, I hang out with Stylemeister, who I might say, has an elegant way of being seen. Immaculately dressed, well spoken, gentleman-like and courteous. And has a rockin’ hair cut.

There’s a saying that goes like this; a change is as good as a holiday. And MSP believe that the most semi-permanent immediate change we can do that grabs our attention is getting a new hair cut. Now, I know you might be scared, and maybe you’ve never been to a professional hair cutter, as the barber has always managed an okay 1, 2 or 3 on you; but trust me when I say that the $50+ you’ll spend on a professional hair cut will be well worth it.

I’ve seen the barber’s work, and the el-cheapo’s work, and also a mate of mine who’s a hairdresser work wonders on a fella’s scalp when it comes to a new look. Let’s face it, if you had your own pair of shears you’d be able to do just a good a job as the barber; and the el-cheapo cutter is fine for a while, but if you really want to know the best cut for your face shape, the best products for your type of hair – then you must go to a hairdresser.

2011 is coming to a close. We have 4 months left of the year. Yet, even though you will see new hair trends for 2012 tempting you to get a new look, you might be like most of our guests and just want to find the right look for you.

In the next images we will disclose to you the top hair cuts we’ve found MOST complimentary on all gents, of all ages, shapes and sizes.

The above look has been the most popular with the MSP crew and on the street. I’ve heard it’s also quite a hit with the ladies… So, how do you get this look? Well, you don’t cut your hair for about 6 months. Take your mug to a well know hairdresser in your State, and this picture. Make sure you take to them an image(s) of what you want as trying to describe something that’s technical to a cutter (unless you are one) is very difficult. (Even the ladies will do this and tell their hairdresser that they want the latest Jennifer Anderson haircut). Then, when the hairdresser has discussed your look with you, you’ll get exceptional service and treatment that will make you an addict to the salon. Yup!

Cups of tea/coffee, or maybe even a beer after 6pm is served to you at the salon. You’ll have your coat taken, directed to a comfy leather seat that has different height settings for your 6 foot 4 frame, and a big fat mirror to gaze as your business card, yes, your FACE, for the next 45 minutes.

You’ll have your hair washed and get a seductive scalp massage that you wish would last longer as every cell in your body has just taken a Valium, and you’ll walk almost drunk like back to your leather seat to let the cutting begin. When you come to your senses, the hairdresser will be placing some bubble gum smelling product in your hair and you won’t recognize the handsome man in the mirror. Whooo-Za.

So have a look at the below hair styles shots and take your pic. Whether your hair is long, short or cropped here are some ideas for your stylin’ – Cheers.

A longer style from the above will suit only if you have a heavy jaw-set.

Short on the sides, sweeped and long on top, a versatile cut.

An edgy cut that introduces lighter coloured foils into the crop.

Edgy cuts for all ages - Aaron Eckhart displaying the short length crop.

A high forehead means 'intelligence', so if you have it show it off with a cool, long cut that's swept off the face.

Magazine look perfection. Again, the more volumne you have on top, the heavier the jaw set needs to be.

A shorter forehead compliments the jaggered & JBF look.

Clean, sophisticated & very cool. Short & cropped with sliced cuts to give texture.

Not many call pull this off as the hairline and growth needs to be even. All the same, a great look. No frills no fuss.

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