Father’s Day Gifts: MSP EDIT

Oh yes. That happy day when all the women in your family give you boxer shorts. And the young men, give you grief.

Father’s Day; when you wonder if you’ve done a good job, and maybe even pat yourself on the back because you know you have.

And it’s the day when you wish someone would give you the keys to a BMW X5, yet your eldest son forgets to send you a card. Hey, don’t sweat on the small stuff.

Maybe, your mates will be celebrating Father’s Day with you, or your young family. Whatever it is – there are plenty of gifts out there to buy that very special person in your life be it, mate, pal, brother, father or son. And these gifts don’t need to break the bank. From a sentimental card (uhum, clearing the throat here) to something a little more on the ching ching side ~ seek and ye shall find. Right?


So let’s introduce you to a very picture heavy post, with great buys for your Father’s Day (southern hemisphere) Celebration!

Cubbi's Chesterfield iPad cover

Cubbi is an Australian Brand which make men’s and women’s iPad, iPhone 4 and other accessories with sophistication and style. This iPad costs $86 and is made of Super soft and textured 100% leather with tweed lining. Sophisticated but no push-over!

Forbidden Linen Red Shoes men and women's hankies

Care for a little hanky-panky? Forbidden Linen designs handkerchiefs for the man with a tailored and classy style. Eco-friendly and printed using a technique that steams the colors into the fabric (so they’ll never fade no matter how many times you blow your nose), this lil’ label is selling all over the planet! Priced from $45.

Adidas Golf Powerband Shoes

Do you remember the saying? All Day I Dream About S**. Ha. But still to this day Adidas is outselling its competitors on price and familiarity. Adidas has just brought back its heritage collection, which for the Stig & Style, is a breath of fresh air. Powerband shoes start from $174.

D.L & Co Skull Cased Candle

What a business! D.L&Co have this great concept of creating candles that are macho enough that us gents can have them in our homes without being too dandy. These candles are crazy and D.L&Co is award-winning and talked about all over the USA. Starting from $70.

Tivoli iPod speakers

Tivoli audio are a force on their own, or with the help of your iPod. Made from timber, and available in many masculine and cool colors, Tivoli is a worthwhile and cool status investment. Starting from $499.

Fossil wallet - personal fav with distressed wood colored leather grain

You can’t go wrong with buying something from Fossil. Apart from their great packaging, you are getting a product/gift that the more distressed it gets, the better it looks. Prices start from $35

Chanel. Enough said.

Gents, Chanel is the most highly respected fragrance house on the planet. And if you’re misses buys you this, you know you’re in for a little play c’est soir! Why? Because ladies love a man who smells good. And this fragrance, who-hoo – does it smell good. Starting from $58 at Nordstrom’s

The latest Aviator's from Ray Bans

THE MOST timeless pair of sunglasses you will every buy. That’s why Ray-Ban’s are a safe bet if you want to purchase for a mate. The shape has been minimally changed for decades, why? Because they are such a universal ‘everyone looks like someone from Top Gun’ sort of design that you can’t go wrong. Starting from $168

Seiko's Bluetooth watch

Seiko are a cost effective, high-priority design brand that has impressed MSP time after time. (Sorry). If you want to go all Dick Tracy, check out Seiko’s CPC TR-006, a Bluetooth watch that communicates with your cellphone. Currently just a prototype, the watch can receive text messages from your phone, capture Caller ID data so you know who’s calling, and adjust ringtones. Pair it with a Bluetooth headset, stick your phone in your bag, and you’ve got a complete hands-free interface that still gives you access to your phone’s main functions.

The Mini desk!

Oh yes, and if I were to ask for a Father’s Day gift (watch out wifey!) it would be the Mini-desk for a small $4,400.

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