US Tennis Open Sportswear 2011

2010 US Tennis Champion

The US Tennis Open is underway in just a few day’s time, and with Hewitt, Ginepri and Harrison awarded wild cards, this is going to be an exciting season of Tennis.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be watching the game from six show courts live on my computer & iPad with US Open Live. Jump on their website and search for Live Tennis –

If you’re a tennis fanatic, you would know that the Spanish Stallion, Rafael Nadal defeated the Serbian, Novak Djokovic in a four set match last year. This year though, with Novak in top shape, we’re don’t know what’s going to happen, but given he is the world’s No 1, I am sure we’re going to see some brilliant tennis.

Off the court last year, we saw a number of celebrities enjoy the power and excitement of this exception sporting event. Although we usually see the following celebrities on the red carpet, it is refreshing to see what they wear in a more casual and public arena. You may have thought otherwise, but the attire is less than desired in relation to the perception of celebritism. Which to me only means one thing; these people like dressing down and are down to earth themselves.

Alex Rodriguez in Navy.

Alex Rodriguez wearing a white T-shirt under a navy blue jacket and black strides while he watched the Federer vs Melzer match.

Kanye West's summer tennis look.

Kanye West striking a summer look in white jeans and a pin striped button up shirt.

Usher, casual in blues for once.

Usher spoke at a press conference and announced his partnership with USTA and his New Look Foundation, while he modelled a heavy checked shirt and jeans.

A casual Double Denim for Ethan.

Ethan Hawke enjoyed a match between Youzhny and Isner during the men’s Singles third round, wearing a Kanye inspired, denim on denim.

With the beautiful Gwen Stefani.

Gavin Rossdale turns up tanned and casual in grey denim jeans and a black and white sports jersey. Again, pulling the crowds is Federer in his fourth round match on day eight of the 2010 US Open.

The Devil wears Prada.

And if you didn’t know it guys, Anna Wintour (pictured with the bob hairdo) is the woman who dictates what menswear goes into magazines in NYC. She has such power in the fashion arena, that designers literally lose their careers overnight from one bad collection. Scared?

Nadal sponsored by Nike.

Men’s styling on the court is dominated by sponsors. Yet, don’t be put off by this. These sponsors, know that millions of people are going to be watching the games so they put their best designs and tech-material behind each piece of apparel.

Nada is sponsored by Nike. Novak’s is Sergio Tacchini. I hear you say who? Me too. But this is a classic more traditional brand of tennis gear than Nike, who are racing into the fluro colours faster than you can say McEnroe.

The authenticity of Sergio is brilliant. Born in 1938, Sergio is an Italian fashion designer of sportswear and a former professional tennis player.

Sergio’s tennis career found him commence playing at the age of 17 by entering the Tennis Club of Milan in 1955. He won the Italian title, and competed in the Davis Cup counting five victories in singles and one in doubles in a total of 15 matches.

Sergio founded his own brand of tennis wear at a time when white dominated the courts. Well, we all know how white stands on the court now. Next to nowhere. So he’s moved into bold colour palettes still maintaining the traditional whites that tennis is so known for.

Many great tennis stars have worn the Tacchini brand, including Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova and Pat Cash.

In 2009, Djokovic singed a 10-year deal with Tacchini when at a time of his signing he was ranked fourth in the ATP. Today, 2011, Djokovic is ranked world’s No. 1 and winner of 48 of 49 matches on the professional tour.

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