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The Apple Candle

MSP have always suggested that style is individual, and it is to permeate through all parts of your life. Don’t just think it’s to do with the shirt on your back. Style is the way you tilt your head, or which pen you pull out of your pocket, or how you decline back into your bachelor chair. The way you talk, the words you use and the pace of your s.e.n.t.e.n.c.e.s. These idiosyncrasies are all part of your ‘style.’

Silver Skull Card Holder

With the world now being saturated by this billion dollar retail industry, style MUST move into other parts of your life for it to resonate as being authentic and ingrained. It is the reflection of you. But don’t be fooled. Style does not have to cost you the earth. Just because someone is wearing the latest collection of a well known designer, doesn’t mean he/she has true personal in-depth style. They could be down right dark-hearted and purposely doing much harm to the planet and the people that are in their world. And don’t care.

Curiosity Collection - Claw candle holder

From your attire, to your car, to you work, to your morals, don’t forget to include your home in your quest for style. Just the smallest change to your home in arrangements or making it more minimal can shift someones perception of you. Or a small addition, like a cluster of candles placed in your bathroom with divinely fragranced hand wash and hand creme will tip the senses of your guests. Especially – the ladies. ‘Hmmm, hand creme’, she will think. ‘The gentleman has thought of me.’

Lucky Dice

So let’s look at a few items that MSP believe are perfect, yet inexpensive and that stand out from the junk for your styling in your abode. Of course, you’ve been noticing the groovy pictures already in this blog. Right.

Fluro mini candles

MSP first came across D.L & Co about 3 years ago. What we stumbled upon was a sybarite for the senses encompassing award winning images and ideas for the most refined individuals – by complete accident. But we like it like that. DL’s appetite for rarefied pleasures has compelled them to expand their little empire to vast corners of the world so they may share their little pleasures with others. (OMG we like that). DL’s sole purpose for existence was to bring a more vibrant way of living into being, a refuge for those weary of the prosaic, second-rate offerings that surround us all. Hallelujah!

Dl & Co Journal

D.L & Co produce Candles, Stationery, Gift Sets, Objects of Curiosity and Diffusers. They are in the shape of golden feathers, golden claws, silver skulls, dice, apples, love sets, butterflies and chandeliers. Magnificent!

Love you to Death card, candle set

Craft and imagination are oozing out of this lot. How they have captured the cynical and the opulent in the same waxed state is just brilliant. It’s masculine, serious, powerful and edgy. Everything that a man of MenStylePower status likes. And there’s no bull. The fragrances in the candles are like Tom Ford’s unisex perfumes except half the price. The styles are specifically directed at their lusty suitors peppered in obscure botanica, victorian surrealism and ancient charm.

Mini Pear Candles

Check out the website www.dlcompany.com and go ahead, buy online or through their retail outlets. I don’t know about you….but we WANT IT ALL!

Seven Deadly Sin plates (set of 4)

Glass Skull candles (set of 3)

Skull candle snuffers

Spiked Apple candle

Skull Stationery (set of 12)

Dinner Plate






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