Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

Sydney is pumped with A.N.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.I.O.N, as it bumps into several locations for its bi-annual Fashion Week sponsored by Mercedes Benz. (Hmmm, gimme one of those – preferably the SL55 all sport supercharged V8 engines producing an impressive 493 horsepower). Alas, the Divas, the Preeee-Madonnas and the devoted followers of this World called Fashion will be out in full force soaking up the events like a monkey to a coconut. (Stylemeister, “Hey, I love coconuts mate!’)

Yet, MSP looks deeper under the skin to find a good selection of young designers whose preference is menswear. And here we showcase just a few of them for your cerebral delight. MSP always encourage young blood designers in the menswear field as being a freshman is not an easy undertaking. The costs are high, the ego and spirit can be bruised as they showcase their interpretation of art and engineering to the world. Being fully exposed to harsh criticism can damage you for years to come BUT, we sincerely give these dudes a round of applause as they enter into the competitive world of Fashion. Now all – Turn to the Left.

From Britton P/L

From Britten P/L

Combining conceptual ideas with classic principles to create a style that is characterised by simplicity, proportion, detail and restraint is the key objective for these chaps. Informed by new ways of dressing, brothers Alex and Tim Britten’s forward-thinking menswear label takes its cues from a willingness among their male counterparts to explore fashion in more creative and lateral ways. Contemporary relevance is a defining sensibility in the Britten boys’ designs. “We continually reference functional design from past or present, and use it as a starting point in most cases. But we want to keep exploring how garments interact with today’s consumer,” Tim and Alex muse “We subtract, add and playfully adapt the original ideas, whilst respecting the tradition of where things came from.”

The crazy and artistic - INJURY


INJURY is the fashion soundtrack to an enigmatic movie. The name INJURY – when you are being cut and sewn you are in a situation of INJURY same as fabrics. The label was founded by Eugene Leung in Sydney 2004. Eugene comes from a background in architecture and street graffiti art, as you can see from the graphical and sculptural elements of his collections. Always inspired by movies, grotesque themes and surreal imagery, INJURY is moody and atmospheric, their menswear & womenswear pieces are designed to reflect characters they have chosen to depict every season. They started joining Australia Fashion week since Autumn-Winter 2005 and are showing regularly at fashion week runways since then. Especially strong in seasonal graphic prints and tailoring pieces, INJURY has earned continuous support from celebrities in Australia and overseas, such as Guy Sebastian, Ronan Keating, Sammi Cheng, Eason Chan and Charlene Choi.

Self taught Kalb&Etiw? You'd never guess.

KALB & ETIW by Sebastian Sokha.

Sokha is a self-taught designer, passionate about providing tailored pieces that are versatile to suit any occasions. With a contemporary, elegant and sophisticated look that can work amongst any season or trend. Sebastian has no formal training, rejected from Fashion School in Brisbane yet had the courage to commence his label in 2012. He has an interesting story; His families are immigrants who fled Cambodia during a civil war, they found themselves on the shores of Australia. Sebastian has worked within many different industries to help his family; little did he know it was the Fashion Industry that would make the difference.

MILS - appoints a dancer for his photoshoot. Good stuff.

Mils Deconstructed

MILS is reinvented and inspired and is a luxury brand providing alternative designer apparel for the contemporary gentleman. Based in Singapore and conceived by Sunny Lim, the up and coming menswear label recently launched at Parco next Fashion Design Incubator Project. Portfolio includes the Resuscitation Project, an collaborative initiative headed by local design house Woods & Woods, Theatreworks and the National Arts Council in 2009 and the Topshop graduate showcase in 2008.

Zsadar - hmmm, liking the name mate.


With a strong artistic, rather than commercial, approach to fashion design, ZSADAR draws inspiration from the ideas of androgyny, anarchy, experimentation, conceptualism and subversion. Designer Shane Newton was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1984. With a background in graphic arts and communications, Shane launched ZSADAR in 2010. Completely self-taught in fashion, Shane’s training in art has helped create a more experimental and conceptual approach to design.



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