Mad For Dad!

A Brand Apart - groovy buffalo bag - $1,165

Yip. It’s Father’s Day in the Northern Hemisphere on Sunday and we are all celebrating. Many dudes will just call their Dad’s as it’s been stated to be the busiest day of the year in the USA for ‘collect calls’. True dat!

But most of us will go straight into searching for a sporting, electronic or hardware gift. Highly rated each year has been a golfing present and always a funny greeting card.

Whether you know it or not, Father’s crave to be recognised for the efforts they have made with you. No matter how small. As a Father ages, his character becomes softer and more generous. He lays down the warrior spirit and takes up the role of the spiritual advisor. Listen with patience, as many of them have walked a hard road. The importance of passing on their life experience and knowledge is part of the male archetype DNA – that is in every man.

As MSP are about styling, we have a selection of small and cost effective modern and cool gifts for Dad by some awesome designers you may know.

Australian company, Aesop, Skincare for Men

Casadei Shoes $236

Cubbi's crocodile skin iPhone4 cover $45

Deadmeat scarf, digitally printed $136

Diverso Italiano Toiletry bag $200

DSquared2 Neck Bottle opener $108

MSP favorite, DSquared2 wrist strap $108

HuffGold Berlin Scarf $85

Hydrogen brand, Hat $98

Lanvin Flower Pin $119

MSP dig this, Maison Martin Margiela's leather wrist band $231

Tom Rebl wrist mesh-chain $109

ASOS oil wash Grandad Shirt $30

Calvin Klein long sleeve top $37 (

Gant contrast ribbed socks $17 (

Ralph Lauren Grosgrain belt $95



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