Men’s Designer Looks for 2012

The following images will show you some fashion forward designer wear that will have you headed in the right direction.

Many of us, myself included in the nineties, liked a look and copied it. We may have had a hero that we aspired to in a movie or off-set and decide to dress like him while we were starting out understanding our own personal style. We may have been fortunate enough to have a parent who always looked good, so we had a daily reminder of personal style.

So today, MSP is going to inspire you with some campaign looks put together by some known and unknown designers from around the world. Style doesn’t need to send you broke. And if you are broke, then look at it like this- you’re ‘broke and bespoke’. I know many a dude who gets his stylish pieces from the Thrift shops and looks freakin awesome. So if in the images below, you just get an ‘idea’ go with that, and if you’re budget is tight, then find the same piece in a value retailer. Many retailers have their own ‘vertical brands’ which are made in-house in the form of the designers style, to allow their loyal customers a piece of ‘the look’ without burning an irreparable hole in their trousers.

Andrez SS12 shows off segmented and detailed Ts

Zero_Underscore AW2013men

Tommy Hilfiger, you simply cannot go wrong with any items from this brand. Pic Fall12


River Island, 2012 collection - excellent value and styling

Freakin HOT! Replay SS-2012 work.

A brand you may not have heard of - REAL MENS DENIMWEAR Winter 13

Nicholas-K's collection Fall2012


Tan leather jacket, a necessity for 12/13 - DIESEL

Australian brand, Calibre AW 12/13 - The Lumber Jack is back!

Bottega Veneta SS12 - stunning, simple and elegant.

Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2012-2013

Again, Bottega Veneta. Safari.

The Dapper Mad Men Look by Banana Republic 2012







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