Men’s Street Style – September 2012


It’s never really about the clothes, but the people that wear them.

Gracing the streets with confidence and a gentlemanship attitude is a delight to see.

Winter and Summer are both in force as our environment shifts to settle in its correct seasons. It’s still mild in both hemispheres apart from NY bring hit with those ridiculous tornadoes! So let’s take a peek at some warm and cool threads.

Enjoy friends!


Lafayette St, NYC

Enjoying pizza wearing Calibre

Shopping in Milan

New York Fashion Week - the beginning, looking great in grey.


Such a favourite. 10th Street, NYC

The city of Love, The City of Style - Paris

Summer lovin'

Really diggin the brown tones in the footwear

Any cooler he'd be at the north pole

Diggin' the pocket square - looks like a Vivienne Westwood

Winter never looked so good. Parisian chic.

reference to : The Satorialist, Twokools, Styleblogger.




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