Men’s Style at the Emmy’s 2012

Funny man -- Ty Burrell from Modern Family

Ah, the 2012 Emmy Awards: the triumphant wins and the harrowing losses. The beautiful women borrowing expensive jewelry and wearing revealing dresses. The speeches thanking people you’ve never heard of before. And, then, of course, the men wearing fantastic tailoring.

This year, Jon Hamm looked as excellent as ever in his tuxedo. And maybe the reason why is due to his endless styling on the hit series ‘Mad Men’. See it’s true. Surround yourself with what it is you want, i.e. Looking Good or Money – (hang out with people who understand it and have it), and it’ll rub off on you.

But beyond the elegance and excitement of this Awards night in LA, we’re going to show you how it’s done on the red carpet. There’s not much you can do to fail here – apart from wearing something casual and thinking you’re too cool for the penguin suit. Faux Pas! Oh and um there is a shirt button rule…you won’t be able to miss that one below.

But the exciting thing this year, is seeing the accessories, the haircuts and the new colors that men are now confident to wear to such an event.

Until next year!

Max Greenfield

Keith Urban

With his signature look of long blonde locks and a dashing smile, Keith, arm around his beautiful lady, Ms Nicole Kidman, hits the red carpet and is decked out in a very slim fitting black satin collared tux accompanied by the black tie. Notice his cuffs are quite long and the jacket is single buttoned? Very modern.

Jon Hamm

Arguably the best dressed man of the night. Mr Hamm has donned the traditional tux with the flash of satin striping down the outside legs. Polished and suave.

Aaron Paul

Very much liking the color coordination here. Aaron was possibly the only man to wear the textured and patterned tie and pocket square while most gents went with plain bold colors.

An 'OMG' moment.

Jimmy Fallon

Good to see how well a suit moves when you get excited!

Red carpet - this is how you do it.

Hopefully this was after the event, as doing the red carpet without a tie is a no no. Yes we know you drive well, alas, respect dude. Black on black, or grey on grey with formal wear is also very much appreciated these days, and finally a check suit? It totally works peeps.

Mad Men Red carpet style - swap your colors and go for a tie.

Swagger! Victor Cruz

It’s always refreshing to see a gent out of back and into a color palette that really suits him. So don’t be afraid to experiment. If you have a wedding suit and don’t want to spend a lot on hiring a tux for a red carpet event, then accessorize. Here is a great example of this, as well as matching back the footwear with the shirt.

Size doesn't matter - what does, is the confidence to rock your style.

And this is really all you need. 5 essentials, plus socks. And maybe a scarf.

Possibly one of the best dressed men in the world. Usher.

Detail detail details. The epitome of styling is Usher. Not afraid to take risks with his wardrobe and rarely goes wrong, Usher has matched back checks with polka dots and pipe-hemmed tailoring. Stunning.

Yeha, Swizz Beatz with his lady friend.

Mega styling at the Grammy's. Diggin' the bronze suit.

And how NOT TO DO IT.

The Eva-cool, LL cool J

We love a velvet look.

Christian Preacher - Kirk Franklin

Jamie Foxx - triple threat multi-talented and stylin.

Texture extraordinaire. Really liking how this suit is playing out. Almost gingham style fabric, not to be confused with Gangnam Style by psy….we get this shadow playing black on black on black. Ha, dig.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen at the Grammy's Feb 2012.

Eric Benet rockin' a three piece.

David Boreanaz at the 2011 Emmy Awards

Booker T Jones; age is just a number people.

The midnight blue silk scarf with fringe just in case you get a little chilly at the end of the night is true style.

Billy Zane - smashing.






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