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If They Could See Me Now!

MenStylePower love a supplier who is innovative and is interested in bringing the cost down for their consumers. And one particular area that is in dire need of this, is Men’s Eyewear.

Not many of you know – but Stylemeister wears specs. Ha, yes. He hates it especially when I annoy him about it. (Me, Stig that is) And unfortunately his eyes are designed in a way that laser surgery isn’t going to help him any time soon. So, he loves grabbing a new pair of specs every now and then.

Ray Bans available on LensWay

In my opinion, designer prescription lenses can cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. And there is NOTHING worse than losing them. Another friend of mine frames her pretty face with a pair of Prada glasses to which she’s had for 8 years (US$650 incl lenses in 2004!). She loves them like they were a piece of jewelry. She has also lost them twice, and will go to the same length as advertising a lost puppy to get her Prada’s back. But she’s also gone smart and bought ‘ready readers’ as a back up.

Lens-wearers are being increasingly wooed by ‘ready readers’ – frames that you can pick up at the local supermarket without the need for a thorough, and costly, eye exam. But please note that while these over-the-counter reading glasses might save you money in the short term, in the longer term your eyesight may pay the price. Wearing the wrong lenses can also lead to visual blur, headaches, dizziness, nausea and eyestrain.


Mens Ltede 1035 Gunmetal

Online retailers like LensWay have helped bring down the cost of owning frames, even designer specs.  Don’t give yourself a headache by snapping up some cheap lenses from the chemist that will potentially give you a migraine. Places like LensWay have over 300 pairs of stunning Men’s frames ready to set your prescription into for your handsome face. YES!

We’re talking menswear designer glasses like; Calvin Klein, DKNY, Dolce & Gabanna, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Oakley, Persol, Prada Sport and Ray-Ban (we think the best in show).

Sexy J. Lindberg available at LensWay

And don’t be concerned if you’re a little conservative. Frame styles such as Sporty, Hi-Fashion, Business, Casual and Cutting -Edge are all part of the categories you can search from.

Joseph Marc glasses - LensWay


Now all you do is add in your prescription and papillary distance and voila! – A new set of spunky eyewear at a fraction of the cost are on their way to your home, so you can keep reading this blog.





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