New York Fashion Week Highlights


Fashion week across the globe is always so exciting. There’s a smorgasbord of creativity, invention, style, class, mistakes, faux pas and good ol’ people watching. We’re all voyeuristic, go on admit it!

Along with gorgeous women working their fabrics, the gents go all out to impress too. There’s a fragrance of ‘cool’ in the air, as well as the distinct smell of the NY subways; pretzels and pollution; but that doesn’t stop us strutting our stuff in this great and mighty city.

NY Fashion week is coming to a close, so we thought we’d cover off some attendees who were snapped entering their anticipated runway shows. Enjoy. We did.

This is a fantastic use of pastels during Spring/Summer. An easy apparel buy for you gents keeping your jeans, loafers, pocket square the same, and purchasing a multi-check short or long sleeve shirt and a light colored blazer.

Mixing and matching blazers to alternative suit pants is a big trend this season. Separates give you many more options when it comes to your wardrobe. Although, you must try and keep the tones and hues in the same family. Remember this. Mr Swagger here keeps his upper style monotone in the greys and accessorizes with a tie pin and lapel pin and pocket square, not to mention some swinging shades.

Just all round brilliant here. From the three-piece suit (right) to the red suede shoes (left) – these gents have really given these looks some deep pensive thought. Patterns are always difficult to match together although the paisley shirt with the speckled tie marry very well. Note the spotted socks with the steel tipped shoes on the right. Dude! Rockin’ it.

A blue suit, ray ban shades and a gentleman’s hat. You can’t go wrong.

This European dude looks lost, but man, stylish at the same time. The grey suit is perfect for Spring Summer and please note this is ‘double breasted’. Yes we are seeing the return of this style of jacket from the 80’s banking bar stewards. Of course please don’t wear your 80’s suit if you still have it, get it tailored first. Most newly styled double breasted suits are slimmer and more fitting than the shoulder pads of the ones in the 80’s that matched the ego’s of the bankers wearing them. Wide! Note the camel suede ankle tops. Nice.

Check out the shoes mate! We’re not sure what to make of the tread, but we do like the color. Thoughts?

Again checks and a plain matching tie to the jacket is seen here as before. We certainly like the understated tote bag that hustler is carrying. When in doubt to which man-bag you want to buy, this is the safest option other than a back pack, but when you’re in a suit, do not wear a back pack to something corporate. Keep it elegant and handy.

Only the daring shall wear something like this. Cropped pants and ankle boots. Note the cut of both pants are quite high also, so if you do have the body shape (and the patience) to wear these sort of trousers, please be our guest. The color tones are perfect and again the return of the pocket square is in full swing. You could literally put a Kleenex there but what ever you choose, just make sure your jacket has one tucked into the slit. If you want to go a little cheeky – get yourself a Forbidden Linen pocket square….sexy.

A massive Mad Man of sunshine! Men in Yellow. Lemon. Canary? We love it. Again, only for the daring.

No tie, but a pocket square. The same elegant theme, although a little more relaxed. Shown here with chinos or jeans this look is just great for Spring Summer and Mr Schwarzenegger here has coordinated this look beautifully. Even the chocolate shoes. Yes!

Take your corporate suit jacket, casually throw on a tie around a white shirt, pull on your favorite jeans and cuff them, get funky with your socks and wear your designer sneakers. Voila. Don’t forget to match your shoe colour back with your belt. Zing.

Great look with the double breasted jacket again matched back with a white shirt and jeans. Note the buttons on the jacket match the color of the shoes. Well coordinated.

Pin stripes! And double breasted again. The freshness here and the accessory to note, is the lime gelato tie. An excellent choice to make a suit which would normally be quite corporate into something that is fun and funky.

Naughty school boy? Unusual yet it works. Note the cuffs under the jacket have no links and are left hanging open. Good touch to something that’s quite structured.

Look who is walking down the street. All these gents look great. Again we see the tote (left) and the jeans worn back with a check shirt and different textured tie. Blue jackets as we have mentioned in our Facebook posts are the trend of the season and are so versatile. If you haven’t invested as yet, take a look around. We believe Zara is the best buy here.

Ever seen the movie, ‘Stupid, Crazy Love”? – and how the swagger dude helps out the Dad who has completely lost his sense of style and the affections and attractions of his wife. The love of his life?

Reason? Sneakers with ill fitting jeans! All of this look works. The loose tie, pocket square, blue blazer, the whites under the darker toned jacket and tie – but the sneakers? Hmmmm.

This would have to be Stig of Style’s favorite look. This guy is mean, tailored and uber-cool. He’s matched back a very slim fitting trouser with a vest taken from a three-piece suit and rocked it with a short sleeve shirt. Many would leave the short sleeved shirt for golfers, but not Harley Davidson riding ghost man here. I could even say that it’s a fabric that’s slightly translucent! And the tie. Yep. And the tats. Yep and the shades. Freakin’ awesome dude!

If you want to look at anything in this picture, it’s the superb way Mr Clark Kent has matched back the following in shades of pink. The lapel pin. The pocket square. The belt. The Cuffs. The SHOES! LOOK at the SHOES! Tip and heel in pink leather. Get me some of them! Now.

Again a brilliant example of refreshing the wardrobe gents if you are on a budget. Staple items will always be jeans, white dress shirt and a swagger pair of scuffs. But Mr Terminator here has matching accessories with the tie and pocket square. Great work.

Speaks volumes. That bag to the right is from Fossil and RRP about US$under 100. Looking good comes down to style gents, not all designer bluffing. Confidence is also absolutely KEY to your look and personal style, so do email us if you have questions or you’re in a dilemma with your current wardrobe.

Ah yes. Friends from Singapore and Vietnam. Singapore are the next huge marketers in men’s fashion around the globe and they are lovin’ the freedom with the creative expression. Note though that Asian style is just as dandy as the UK style, as the frames of gents there are smaller than the USA and Australia/NZ. Great color coordination here. Red and pink usually are a big no-no to be seen together but Mr Bond on the left does it well.

When matching back your colors, download a complementary color chart from the internet. This will give you the best options to match together. Blue and yellow are complementary colors which is why this look on the right works well.

See a trend? Heavy checked shirts under blue jackets. Nice. Again to keep it casual and cool, jeans are worked into this look and shoes with no socks. Now we’re not sure how fragrant they will be at the end of the day, but it is the in thing to do, so enjoy while the weather permits. Really loving the journalist hat also.





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