A New Era in Eco-Friendly Fashion

Have you ever ceased buying a product because you know it’s associated with child labor? Or found out that the charity you have been supporting has actually been abusing children not rescuing them? If so, then personal ethics are high on your value system.

MenStylePower have come across a superb label based in Belgium that has taken ethics and morals into the designing and fashion world.  The last decade has seen a new era in eco-friendly fashion where designers are more conscious in the fabrics they use, the way they manufacture their garments and also their delivery systems. The desire to lessen the negative affects on the planet by conscious companies is on the rise, and as this next business is in the fashion world, we’d like to commend them.

Launched in Belgium in January 2012, Honest by  is an apparel brand and etailer which offers sustainable, fully transparent garment collections for men and women. For every product available on the Honest by site, full information is available on manufacturing (including working conditions), material and supplier sources, pricing, and ethical or organic certifications. As Honest by supports animal welfare, no apparel using leather or fur is available, and wool is certified as recycled, organic or from ethical sources. Now that’s something to write about.

Take a look at their site and feel free to leave us a comment. We’ll certainly be checking out their store the next time we’re in Europe.




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