BabyAnything….yes please!

Catchy name no? There seems to be a lot in a name. Take the business name of this charming jewellery designer – BabyAnything. And well it seems to run in the family….sister’s business name? They All Hate Us. Lerve it!

BABYANYTHING is a design business many years in the making. After graduating with a Fine Arts Degree in Jewellery and Object Design and working in the industry designer Lucie Ferguson decided to try things her way. (Lucie is the sister of Elle Ferguson, co-founder of TheyAllHateUs, a dynamic fashion blogging duo based in Australia and frequently visiting L.A.)

“Almost all the pieces I create are unisex, I don’t think there are any rules in jewellery. I use precious metals, not for their exclusivity, rather for durability”.

All pieces are designed and made in Lucie’s studio in a beach side suburb north of Sydney, Australia. And yes, why should there be any rules in making jewelry other than it looks damn good and fits.

Babyanything pieces will last the wearers lifetime, whether your punching numbers at a desk job, or breaking bones at a bar fight, rest assured you’ll have the pieces until your buried in them. Ha. We dig it.

Rider Skull

Rider Skull Ring

Close up – Rider Skull

History Wolf Ring

History Wolf Ring

Echo Rope Ring

Cult Skull Ring

Cult Skull Ring

Large Skull Ring




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