Jon Ashe – Designer of Artisan Elegance

Care for a handmade shirt from SoHo? Or maybe to change your image from something that is clean cut, to an elegant manliness wearing highly functional clothing that imbues a character of distinction and personal style?

The Jon Ashe Collection is designed for men who are looking for clothes that combine the comfort and ruggedness of a favorite pair of jeans with the polish of a suit. Yes! And Menstylepower love this look for the macho gent. You will stand out wearing Jon Ashe, yet fit in almost anywhere: confident, masculine, interesting – dig!

Designer, Jonas Hegewisch sees his customer is the kind of man who does not need to shout in order to be heard ­ creative in his thinking and independent within his profession. While he understands the conventions of style, he always follows his own path. His clothes communicate his individuality in a subtle yet distinctive way.

New York is taking a serious swing toward the artisan genre in all facets of life. From bread, to chocolate to the authentic, to the foundational and historical roots. This is the same with the Jon Ashe Collection where  the designs have the integrity and honest functionality of an artisan Central European farmers coat or a cowboy’s chaps merged together with the modern, restrained proportions of a well tailored business suit.

Many gents have written to us and said that they are tired and disenchanted with the current availability of suiting. They want to shift gears and create something with more personal style. Well, Jon Ashe will give you just that blokes. You’ll move comfortably between the creative and business worlds, from an art opening to a basketball game by building and shedding each piece to give you a different look.

The line is built using elegant, slim proportions that are flattering while never forsaking comfort. As we’ve stated before, always buy something that flatters you, not because it is in fashion. Your personal style and character is paramount in building your wardrobe and purchasing clothes that are of maximum functionality, careful pattern-work and construction. Check out the fabrics with Jon Ashe. All sourced from small artisanal mills giving preference to materials that improve with age by absorbing character from the activities of the wearer. Stunning!

Drawing inspiration from both European and American work wear from the 19th through mid-twentieth century as well as a myriad of other influences from the worlds of product design and art, Jonas set about creating a menswear collection that would appeal to modern, professional men like himself, who appreciate well-made tailored clothing distinguished by unique yet functional details, interesting textures, and quality fabrics that get better with wear and age.

Considering the challenging state of the economy, Jonas decided that the best way to launch the Jon Ashe collection would be to prove its viability by opening a small store, in Soho. In addition to the collection the Jon Ashe Store  features a great selection of bags, belts, neckwear, cufflinks as well as other outstanding design and haberdashery items.

Jonas lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Ursula and their son, Lucas.



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