MSP Thread Trend Alert – November 2012

Balmain’s Spring menswear 2012/13 – Awesome!

Spring in the south, and Autumn in the north. But with global warming, I’m afraid that the seasons are somewhat out of whack.

Regardless, I am assuming that most people enjoy Spring more – so bring on the budding blooms and the smell of sea salt in the air! Ducati’s, convertibles and pushbikes. Classy accessories, swim shorts, boat shoes, Jesus sandals and hats to keep our heads cool on hot days and balmy nights.

Given we’re covering Spring, let’s take a look at the Australian Designers who are gearing up for the National Fashion Festivals which are only months away.

Aussie designers tend to use different fabrics to Europe and the USA due to the dry climate. Lots of cottons, linens, organics and smooth cuts are often found in these designs as well as modern twists on the traditional tailoring.

Australia tends to be more of a casual country with a ‘jean wearing culture’ which adds to their easy going temperament. Many are brought up in the outdoors so comfort is King to them. If you’re looking for styles that are comfort busters yet pass the test in the style ranks…then take a look at the designers below.

Some of MSP’s favorites include Vanishing Elephant, Arthur Galan, Calibre, Herringbone, Saba, Wil Valor and ‘the crazy’ Ksubi.

For Spring, Blue is still the anchoring colour for men. Remember that menswear trends don’t follow womenswear trends. MSP ain’t going to be taking about frills, patterns chiffon and a mixture of patterns and florals for you Gents. Man-ly statements for Spring will see blue as the anchoring color, block colors, 3/4 pants, loose T’s, a perfect fit and unique styles as well as casual and formal together and luxury fabrics. Now remember, the moment you buy an item that is constructed with a luxury fabric, you’ll be paying hundreds more so don’t be alarmed.

Enjoy the list of designers showing off their Spring Fling Fashions.

Arthur Galan

Blues and Purple hues as shown here by Wil Valor are very favorable for Spring

The quirky Aussie brand, Vanishing Elephant shows off its campaign – Tatts and all.

Let the wind blow through your hair on a summer’s day – The Totti Triumph. Hell yeah!

The Player by Nixon. You just cannot go wrong. Also available in Rose Gold. Dig.

Taking Spring to a cooler 60s vibe, St Augustine Academy works the paisley.

Short crop for Spring? Yes please, nothing worse than a hot head in the sun. Add a few highlights – go on, don’t be a chicken.

How to wear a blue blazer for Spring evenings.

Saba for Men show off their cool Spring vibe.

If you’re looking for a unique T for SS2012, then check out Ray Gun by Julius.

Shade me baby! Persol’s new range of tinted lenses. Stunning.

To compliment the blues for Spring, don’t underestimate the lemon suit, or a separate.

Ksubi – you crazy dudes; will make you double take with their new denim collection for SS2012.

Let’s go a little high-end now with Kenzo’s Spring looks. Blue suits with lemon Ts.

John Bartlett gives a summer vibe with lilac shorts and striped boat shoes.

Accessories are a huge hit for Gents during the warmer months. Wrist bands and necklaces are the go.

Herringbones new campaign shows off an array of men’s dapper styling for Summer.

MSP just laugh each time we see this pocket-square.

Bottega Veneta shows off a mutated tribute to the Jesus sandal.

DIGGIN’ this fedora by Bailey. It’s the lockwood sunrise model to cool your nob in Spring.

An international success – AussieBum have a great product and campaign for this season.

AOUD jewellry. Ever heard of em? No? Well, watch for a pending post on this european designer.

Tinker tailor soldier sailor. AOUD jewels for men.





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