PQ Eyewear’s Latest Collection 2012

Angel I love you’s!

Excitement fills the office as we drool through the latest collections from PQ Eyewear.

The e-commerce site looks like the new digital Monopoly Board with designer eyewear named Oxford Circus, Bank, Chancery Lane and Epping. Move out of the way fellow MSP staffers, I’m taking Stratford.


The Gold Stratford Frame. Booo-yakka Sharn!

PQ eyewear is one of those innovative, ‘we don’t give a rats’ brands who actually give a rats. Cool, subtle, colourful and playful, they design well outside of the frame or the… Uhum… square frame. For instance, the A-Frame is a collection of sunglasses and opticals that will blow your mind. The frame can be tweaked, added to and moulded to your individuality.


The Sexy A-Frame!

We look at PQ eyewear and we see a cartoon character meeting innovation, colour and true unapologetic design. It’s clever, it makes profound bloody sense! I mean why haven’t other eyewear designers thought of this? I guess when you take your eye off the product and more on the competitor analysis and the ROI spreadsheet, you will lose the very reason you’re in the business in the first place. No?

Apart from the optical eyewear being as sexy as hell….wait til you see the sunglasses. Bethnal Green and Park Royal are aluminum frames that are semi-rimless with nickel silver alloy spring hinges and temples. Sexy indeed!


They Park Royal Sunnies my dear.

Then there’s Angel from the Corbs Line. The frame is the first in line created to take advantage of one of today’s most advanced production processes. It is a one-piece, one-material, monolithic creature, with gill-like sides allowing the arms to hinge inwards freely but restricting them from opening outwards beyond the perfect width and perfect pressure for the head. Freakin’ marvelous.


Closed Angel Frame. Red. I see it.

The ever-alien Angel Frame in Black.

The casing itself is another innovation. A unique creation where each pair are encased in a transparent bubble, a central ring containing a silicone runner brush gently cradling the item. Divine.


Elegant, original casing.

So the creator of all of this excitement? Ron Arad. He’s an artist, a visionary, an architect and designer. A wonderful man who brings to life superb products from playful ideas. His understanding of advanced technology lends itself to creating PQ eyewear that is anything but boring and standard. And if you’re a gent who likes to stand out in the crowd, we suggest you get a pair of PQ eyewear or sunglasses on your dial.

Happy shopping!



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