The Holster Belt – Ride em’ UrbanBoy

I’ve always been fascinated by Cowboys & Indian characters. The saddle work, the elaborate head-dresses, the lifestyle, spirituality, the courage, wisdom and commitment. These, as you can image are all the romantic elements of the Cowboys & Indians era. Of course there was a very bloody side to it as well, which is devastating.

But in light of this, the image of a Cowboy is masculine and strong. That’s why I was pleased that the Holster Belt sent into us by a charming Frenchman, wasn’t the replica of a 1980’s bumbag worn by some steroid pumping gym junkie, but of an elegant and innovative Gent, who humorously (and uber-cooly) rides his horse through urban France donning his hoster-belt. Check out the video here.

The product draws its inspiration from the mythical accessory of the far west , and gives it a new calling : to contain belongings of the city slicker. By its originality, its perfect design, its high quality leather/canvas, and its ingenious rotation mechanism, the accessory became an unquestionable part for the modern man. The Urban Nomad. The Hi-Ho Silver rider. The Motorbike Rider. The Skyfall Dude.

Holster Belt came into existence in 2011. Following the trendy urban movement, and thanks to the French know-how in terms of leather goods – the Holster Belt has reinvented one cult accessory : the gent’s saddle bag.

Nothing is more pesty than having your trouser pockets filled with your necessities and looking like the Michelin Tyre Man. Phone, Wallet, Cigarettes (although MSP don’t endorse these, we’re very aware Europe still loves them) Car and house keys etc start to weigh you down. Many gents aren’t too comfortable with a man-bag as yet, so the Holster Belt is a superb transition into acquiring some masculine accessories. And voila, this was the idea that drove the young french entrepreneur, Théophile Dlr, to design a new concept of man bag.


It’s in holster belt’s offices in Paris where the accessory came into existence via a close collaboration with luxurious leather companies. Holster Belt conceptualizes and creates the accessory for the modern urban man. Safety, virility, handiness, functionality, comfort but also design and style have all been considered and optimized carefully in order to make the accessory indispensable.

Conception Mechanism – working with Heritage.

The French company, Savigny which specialized for more than 66 years in the conception and production of fixation systems, has developed in partnership with holster belt an ingenious rotation mechanism. This permits a 90° rotation of the saddle bag towards the belt which provides the user maximum comfort in all his movements. It also permits, access to the two pockets with a simple movement of the saddle bag.

Raw Material – Only the Best.

It’s in Italy through different producers that Holster Belt takes its raw material. The calfskin of high quality, is entirely elaborated in a tannery of northern Italy. The canvas and all mechanical pieces originate in the south. There were selected with meticulousness for not only their aesthetic value but also their functional roles.

Manufacture – Hand made.

In a leather factory of northern Romania (Botasani ) the accessory is manufactured in careful hands. The entire workforce  have followed a training course about the characteristics and techniques that impose this innovative accessory. Over ten hours, the accessory sustains a lot of operations. The mechanism is in essence the heart of the product and is considered as the cornerstone of all the materials used. More than one hundred operations are needed to make the end product. The last operation consists on the application of the varnish in all the corners. As soon as this stage is over, packed products are sent to Paris, where they are rigorously inspected before distribution.

We love it, and know that our MSP gents will too. So if you see the Stig of Style blasting by on his Ducati with a Holster Belt, give us a toot. Cheerio.

Currently only available in Parisian specialty shops like KiliwatchLa fausse boutique, in boutiques like Elmo and Sauvez le Monde Des Hommes, and internationally via their website, Holster Belt Europe make some slick looking holster belts for you modern day cowboys.

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