Edit: MSP Favorite Pieces

Thirdman Fragrance

Quick post Gents.

So how did your Christmas go? Get what you wanted? Santa was nice, with brandy and cake as well? If not, have a look at a few of the cool items we recommend and if it’s time for a refund, and a repurchase, then off you go!


Hugo Boss Belt: $89

ASOS River Island bands: $17 (yep, you’ve got to be kidding right?)

Porsche Glasses with green tint: $455

Gucci Sport watch – timeless design: $950



Desigual boxers: $20 quid.

Brixton Castor Fedora: $39

Orlebar Brown Montecarlo Board shorts: $300

Missoni Lola Beach Towel Red: $255



Politix Spencer Blazer: $199

Desigual Slim line Jeans: $80

Ralph Polo Lauren Polo Shirt: $52

Bassike Tank tops: $80

Camper Peu men’s Shoes: $133



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