ManBag Mania

YSL Manbag for the distinct Mister Metro

The Word on the Street:

Four in five men now carry a ‘manbag’ – and on average it weighs more than a lady’s handbag. Say what?

Yes gents, there is now no reason why you should feel ashamed for wanting to carry one. Once upon a time, you only carried a bag to the gym, and it was one you could allow for tarnishes, rips, tears and sweaty socks to overwhelm.

The Trend:

The trend has been put down to the need to carry an ever-growing number of electronic gadgets – from smartphones to iPads, Kindles and laptops – as well as keys and wallets. On average, the contents of a manbag are worth $1,108 and weigh 1.5 kilograms. A woman’s handbag weighs in at 1.2 kilograms, and it’s worth, is completely unknown. A mystery!

Sales of manbags have soared by 2,700 per cent since the start of the year, according to department store Debenhams.

Debenhams spokeswoman Lizzie Singleton, said: ‘As gadgets become more accessible,  a man’s daily load is increasing, forcing him to cart more around. Gone are the days of just a bunch of keys and a wallet in your pocket.’

The Male Celebrities:

Footballers David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and rapper Jay-Z have all been seen carrying manbags. And from the pictures below, you may also notice that 99% of them are distressed looking, crocodile textured, oversized and distinct. Apart from one, which is named a Murse (ManPurse) carried by our Italian soccer player, Cristiano.
So what is appropriate to wear with what? You choose. There are so many manbags on the market now (given the stats above) that it’s a plethora of choice. But if you’re starting out, get something that you’re comfortable with. The most likely choice here will be the messenger bag. Over the shoulder, not too pretentious and yet has ‘statement’ written all over it. Keep it distressed and in masculine colours to commence with, and then venture out when you’re feeling the need.

Check out our ManBag edit below:

Cheers, Stig.

David Beckham and Victoria can’t decide who driving the wheelie.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Chris Brown

Kanye West

Kanye West and Pharrell Williams

Ryan Reynolds


Rag and Bone Mountain Pack

Piquardro Manbag

Polo Ralph Lauren

Mismo Flaptop Rucksack

Louis Vuitton



Belstaff Leather Trimmed Canvas Backpack


Barbour chocolate weekender

Globe Trotter for J.Crew

Brooks Brothers Crocodile Overnighter

Gucci Men’s Luggage Traveller

Mulberry Men’s Slim Brynmore Messenger

Kenneth Cole ManBags

J Crew messenger – Bowery.



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