Stubble Trouble? Shave Smartly with RazWar.

With the prevalence of cheap, disposable razors, shaving is not quite as efficient or long-lasting.  The days of the classic shave, when men took their sons to barber shop, are not over. In fact, while the grungy, unkempt look has its own adherents, clean-cut and savvy is still society’s favorite look.

So, party season’s here again and Movember is over Gents. So it’s time to get back into the pleasure of shaving again.

Yes we know, as work commitments tire, and you’re permitted to turn up to the office a little more casual than normal, that the desire to shave becomes a routine destined to take a back seat – but just think about all those New Year’s Eve kisses that are coming your way, and the lovely ladies that will walk right past you if you are showing off that 5, 6, 7 o’clock shadow. Yes, women love a clean shaven man.

MSP do believe that men who are well shaved are showing they care about their man-scape. And a display of ‘caring’ shows what sort of person you are. No matter what line of work you’re in, it’s possibly not the best idea in the world to turn up at the office with a face that screams “I really can’t be bothered with anything today”. Because if you’ve not heard it before, your face is your business card in this world.

And so to Raz*War

Raz*War wants you to rediscover the quality of shaving while delivering products at a fair price. And yes, replacement razors as we all know can be costly. Even more expensive than the initial buy of one razor with one replacement blade.

An excellent shave is efficient. It leaves a pleasant sensation throughout the day and it gives no razor burn feeling and doesn’t irritate. An impeccable ‘baby skin’ shave is also a pleasure for the people around you.

Raz*War was birthed in the mind of one of the founders, who realised that razors were too expensive. Whohoo! They’ve created an original range with quality products that are sold at the right price. And how do we know….well, we’ve received one of these beautifully packaged sets and tested the product. And here’s what we’ve found.


The range is composed of razor handles, blades and skincare products. These include shaving soap, oil, cream or balm and after-shave creams. They offer three starter kits;

The legendary El Ché starter kit contains:

  • 1 El Ché razor handle
  • 1 blade box cartridge with 5 triple blades
  • EXTRA GIFT: A FREE travel bag

The Black Edition Kit contains:

  • 1 Free handle
  • 1 Free travel bag
  • 1 box of 4 refills
  • 4-blade razor system
  • Open Architecture Cartridges
  • Lubricating Strip with Olive, Chamomile & Alatoin
  • Nickel free

The El Fidel Kit contains:

  • 1 free razor
  • 1 free travel bag
  • 1 set of 4 blades
  • 5 blades to more evenly distribute pressure for a more comfortable, less irritating shave
  • Push button release for easy to change cartridges
  • Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip helps reduce skin irritation
  • Thinner Blades with Titanium coating
  • Bigger Soap bar for a more comfortable shave
  • Enhanced pivoting for hard to reach areas
  • Guardian Trimmer Blade for hard to shave areas…goatee, sideburns, under nose, and back of the neck.
  • Free travel bag included


Made from essential oils, this tiny miracle works wonders on even the most sensitive skin.

This shaving oil provides a consistently smooth shave that leaves your face conditioned and moisturised, not oily. Its transparent application ensures you can see where you’re shaving, making it particularly useful for shaving around blemishes, sculpting a beard or moustache, even whilst shaving your head!


This Shaving Soap designed by Raz*War will provide your skin with a soothing effect while your blades will be gliding on your face. The subtle bergamot fragrance ensures a great old-fashioned shaving moment for you and your skin. Bergamot properties include: antidepressant, antiseptic, calmative, cicatrisant and deodorant amongst others.


The Raz*War shaving cream is 100% natural and it will do a splendid job in keeping you face fresh and feeling young.

Its texture and low lather formula takes care of your skin before, during and after the shave.
Its unique formula gives a better lubrication for the blade and hydration of the skin.

One jar of Raz*War’s shaving cream can be used for up to 40 shaves !


This Raz*War shaving brush is made for the more discerning connoisseurs.

It was created with vegan fibres instead of badger hair.

The fine vegan fibres were developed specially for wet shaving. Colour and softness are similar to natural badger hair and provide performance properties of comparably high quality.


Our shaving bowl is the perfect match for your Raz*War soap and brushes.

This stainless steel bowl is functional, smart and great value.

It fits perfectly with our Raz*War shaving soaps.


A recent survey by Nivea into attitudes toward facial hair confirms that a freshly shaven jawline does depend on the culture of the organisation that you work for. The survey found that 48% of Australian men think it is unacceptable for chefs to have facial hair, 37% think police should be clean-shaven and 31% say bankers needed a smooth chin. It’s OK for designers (only 13% against) and sportsmen (15%) to sport some stubble. The survey also found that 40% of Australian men in full-time work and 42% of those earning more than $100K think they need to  shave Monday to Friday, while letting their facial hair grow on the weekend.

So what say you Gents?





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