Men’s Street Style – January 2013

I’m sorry – where did January go?

My head’s reeling at the crazy paced life. It’s all good though, MenStylePower has grown in leaps and bounds and we’re looking forward to the next six months where we’ll be announcing some kick*** news about the next phase of this fast growing blog and community. Watch this space and keep talking to us. We dig a conversation about confidence and style.

In the meantime, enjoy what the men on our European streets are wearing in 2013. This time we’ve taken a slight focus on the urban gent. Black brothers have some serious attitude and style with some camo gear. French gents, get wrapped up in some heavy knits and we will always prop our sources – the great, Caroline Mode from Stockholm StreetStyle. Booya!

Serious attitude here Gents. The colour co-ordination is just perfect for his skin tone and the minimalist accessorizing is to be admired. A black fedora hat just tops it off and completely looks in place. Attitude dude!


Cobalt blue was a huge hit 3 years ago, alas the texture on this jackets is micro-fibre, non crushing and works awesomely with jeans. Note again the camo. A current trend in Europe and this Gent has matched his iPhone back to his camo watch. Great choice of coordination here. Hair? Well, although in the USA we’re still opting for short back and sides, Europe have a real affiliation with the overgrown cut. Long hair? If you have it, and it’s thick and mane like, then wear it as long as you can! The women love it.


May as well bring this image in since we’re talking about long hair. The man is blessed with honey locks. And by the look of this pose, he knows it. Go for it mate! Alas the simplicity of his style is undeniable. Black V-neck, ridiculously expensive watch and wrap sunglasses. Underneath all you need are jeans, and a pair of wicked shoes and voila. Awesome!


Stars and Wolves. Nothing like a sneaky tat to pop out of your crew-neck or sleeve. Note the colours here. Again a trend in Europe. Purples and mulberries. Great masculine colours to show off during the Autumn Winter months. Printed T’s are again in, and Christopher Kane did an incredible range of men’s T’s a while ago. He’s the King of Printed Fabrics. Check em out.


Three tones of Blue. The tonal layering is one of the safest ways to start your new personal styling and we highly recommend this. Winter is a great season to commence this, and it always works with a thick jumper/sweater and an overcoat.


Looking good Mr dude in Paris. Stockholm StreetStyle shot all of these pics while they were in Paris. This is a great look at polo shirting, denim jacketing and black pant wearing. Converse or ankle boots on yer feets, and a suede cap. Casual slick!


Minus the ripped knees, replacing them with a more structured yet distressed pair of denims – we dig this look. Namely the low V in the zipped fleece. A simple accessory around the throat and a back pack. Again Europe styles a mean long hair do…


Never go into the cold without a cardigan. Thanks for slogging that into our thoughts Mom. But here, it works a treat. Distressed denim, a low V next T and cardi. Any footwear would suit this attire.


Ladies and Gentlemen – check out the styling here some. Truly designer class, with the double breasted jackets, gold buttons, lambswool and camel slacks. The detail on the red jacket is screaming Balmain, and minimal accessories around the wrist sets off the ‘cool’ tone. Diggin it a lot!


Animal textures are so in. Mr Jungle Leopard here is toting a small fortune with his iPad cover/ MacAir? Whatever it is – it is the signature piece of his attire. No wait…..we think his shoes are! Freakin’ GOLD!





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