Tim Coppens: NY Fashion Week

Coppens’ star is unquestionably on the rise. Since launching on the New York runways three seasons ago, he’s been scooped up by Barneys, Isetan, and Dover Street Market. So if you’re looking for a ‘style’ that is part-relaxed, part-geometric, a touch nautical, sci-fi and militant; then this is the designer to watch out for.

Coppens can be easily recognised by his hard lines, zippers, and high necks—buttoned up to the hilt, even for Spring—in fine, occasionally unexpected materials, like rubberized napa, quilted leather, and sateen twill, offset with nylon and poplin cotton. So if you like a little built-in accessory, then Coppen is for you.

A Sportish look is never far from the equation and neither is uniform, particularly military uniform. Having this relaxed sports genre at his mercy, you’ll be sure to find Coppen’s Spring 2013 collection pleasing to the eye for most gents. It’s not pretentious, although it is highly tailored. The collection isn’t following trends either, which will ensure you can any piece into your style board for years of wear.


This season, he explained, he’d been thinking of fighter pilots, with their “certain glamour.” He’s built his house, in part, on the strength of his bomber jackets, the flyboy standard, and these reappeared, with their contrast sleeves and gleaming zips, on the runway today. (The utility belts: pilots’ parachutes.)

Colour for Coppens arose with steel blues, hazmat oranges, and hunter greens. During the runway show, he showed a strong, cool collection, far from classic, but steadfastly wearable all the same. A deeper dive into suiting (last image on page), like the double-placketed, panel-sleeved suit that closed the show, was new.

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