Balmain Spring 2013 – The Lion’s Den

Is it possible that the house of Balmain is rebelling against the very origins they built their empire on?


“It’s out from the jeans now.” Fighting words.

Olivier Rousteing inherited a house built on denim. Over the course of a few seasons at the helm, he’s worked to steer it in a new direction. A direction that has overwhelmingly been embraced by the loyal fans and fashionistas.

For his Spring 2013 menswear line, he’s making his biggest break yet. At the label’s showroom on Rue Francois 1er, there were, admittedly, articulated moto jeans lining the racks. But what Rousteing was far more eager to spotlight were the new, Saharienne pieces inspired by a recent trip to Miami, where he took in the city’s expat Cuban culture. That set him thinking more broadly about the alternative to traditional city dressing and into safari wear—”capturing the lion in the jungle,” so to speak.

A masculine, dynamic and deeply grounding collection, Rousteing needs to be congratulated for moving it in a new direction that has success written all over it. A color palette of Khaki, Cream, Latte, Gold and Sands will suit any Gent looking for an edgy piece to add to his wardrobe.




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