There’s fashion and then there’s style. And this next brand takes both into account.

DAAN is the latest creation of Dan Single, famed founding member of Ksubi. It’s an opportunist collection combining multiple life experiences that have been thrown at him, then having fun with them, embracing them and celebrating them with style.

“DAAN” is Single’s latest venture which is exclusive to the General Pants Co. stores. It’s a new menswear line of clothing and accessories that are quirky yet wearable. With an explosion of prints and attention to detail, like Single would, the pre-collection is entertaining and androgynous.

Single says that “DAAN is about taking current trends and ideas and turning them upside down, chewing them up, tipping them back into a bottle of French champagne, shaking that bottle and spraying it all over the world”.

Well, you got us listening.

Single’s unique approach to DAAN keeps in line with his interests. He’s a fashion designer, a DJ, an explorer and partner to Australian supermodel Bambi Northwood-Blyth. Not bad dude.

Yep, that’s Bambi

The one thing that Single really understands about the fashion industry, is fashion is fun, it’s playful but at the same time it’s a cut throat business. Having worked in, and lived Ksubi for over 13 years, Single knows the dangers of being a slave to fashion. He’s super grateful that he’s living out his dreams of designing and creating with superb fabrics and palettes. And now with General Pants co. by his side, he’s one Lucky dude!


Dan spent a stint as a photographer’s assistant where he found his passion for fashion. He was accepted into the East Sydney Technology Fashion Design School, but realised his lessons were more hands on and started a little denim label named Ksubi with friends, which went on to be one of Australia’s most successful fashion exports, best known for its innovative denim, headline stealing shows and cutting edge marketing. He has now signed a deal with General Pants Co to produce his first solo menswear line named DAAN.



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