Menswear Wardrobe Cleanse for Summer

What better time to do a wardrobe cleanse, than with the warmer months of Summer approaching. And how do you go about doing this? Well, let’s take some baby steps to get you started.


Step 1

Get your absolute favorite play list on high ball. Clean up the area around your closet, because it will get messy and your clothes will probably touch the floor. Get a mirror in your room, and dress yourself in a good pair of jocks. Yep, you’re about to try on lots of clothes!

Step 2

Get some trash bags, three storage bags/boxes and some post-its. Label the boxes with ‘Give away/Sell’, ‘Maybe’ and “Alter/Customise”.

Step 3

Pick a category (like jeans) and put every item belonging to that category on the floor or on your bed. Now comes the fun part/hard part: examine every single item, perhaps try it on and then put it in one of these places:

  • Trash bags – Toss anything that is ripped or stained. Note: if the item is intentionally ripped then, it will go in one of the categories below.
  • Giveaway/Sell box – Collect anything that you never wear, doesn’t fit or you just don’t like anymore in this box. The best indicator of these clothes is if you’ve not worn it for 12 months.
  • Maybe  box – This is the trial separation box. If an item fits and is in good condition, but you cannot decide whether you like it or not, put it in the ‘Maybe’ box.
  • Alter/Customise box – Put all items that you like but don’t fit you quite right in this box, to have it tailored. Only consider this box for really expensive buys, or suits. Maybe they need additional hemming, or a new lining. Altering can be quite costly, so choose your absolute favorites to go here.
  • Back in your closet – Anything that you love and wear a lot deserves to go back into your closet.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 with every item category in your wardrobe. Don’t forget your underwear, accessories and shoes.

Step 5

Throw away the thrash bags before you change your mind.
Put your maybe box away for storage.
Write down all items that need to be replaced on your to-do list.
Organize the clothes that you are keeping in your closet and note down any obvious holes in your wardrobe.

And there you have it. Oh, and put an afternoon aside to do this, and get yourself some beers to go with this exercise. Oh, hang on don’t. You might actually think that Hawaiian shirt which is 2 sizes too big looks good on you.

Now here’s some color inspiration from Herringbone to get your going!




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