Michael Hockey Shoes; A Designers Perspective

Shoe name: Bonding

Every now and then we come across a designer that makes us go ‘wow’. Hash tag! #amazing, #wow, #awesome, #individual, #like, #iwantitnow

And Michael Hockey Shoes is ALL that!

These shoes are without a doubt handmade in every way, which we believe, makes them extra special and all the more beautiful. All of the leather – the upper, sole, lining and membrane – are hand cut. So these are the sorts of shoes that women will go – hmmm, I’m liking this dude. He has style, pizzazz. #Like.

Sistine in Caramel

Hockey draws inspiration from his travels around the world – different cultures, surroundings, wanderers on the street and local artisans. Like the designer himself MICHAEL HOCKEY is original, a visionary but ultimately approachable.

The design aesthetic of Michael Hockey footwear is original and visionary but also very wearable. Michael has taken classic shapes and infused them with new detailing to create shoes that will work today and be treasured tomorrow.

So cool, we decided to interview the designer, and found we had so much in common with him! Read on!

Restrained in Black

What is your area of expertise as a designer?

I’ve worked in many different areas of design. Mens, womens, activewear, equestrian, fabric design, print design and footwear. I think I’ve found my niche with footwear.

How much time, per day, do you design or research?

I’m constantly researching on the internet, playing with leathers, materials and trims, drawing and lots of thinking. This is all staggered through the day between emails, paperwork and translating!

Before you begin to design, do you have any pre-game rituals or practices?

Not consciously. When I’m having a block, I like to take myself out of my environment and go somewhere completely neutral – like a shopping mall, a cinema, take a walk in a place I’ve never explored. I find when I clear my head I’ll think of something completely random, which sparks my interest and I start researching this. It will lead onto other things and always something fires my creativity.

What’s your best advice for overcoming procrastination?

The only thing I procrastinate with is the gym and I still can’t over come that procrastination.

What time of day is most productive for your designing?

At night when everything is still.

Define creativity.

The use of imagination or original ideas

Who are your favourite designers?

YSL, Maison Martin Margella, Ricky Swallow, Garry Graham, Rodarte, Lanvin.

Share your best loved collection

My most loved collection from another designer was Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2010 footwear collection. My own collection is too hard to say. Some styles stand out for me as favourites, like the Balzac from F/W 2012, Static from S/S 2014 and Sistine from F/W 2013

Do you prefer a particular type of music (or silence) when you design?

It depends on what I’m designing. When I’m painting I listen to Chopin, but when I’m designing I listen to a variety of things. I like to find new artists to listen to as it makes me think in a new way. If I listen to what I know, I tend to think old thoughts. Currently I’m listening to a German Hip-hop band called Sia, Sayse.

Who or what is your “Muse” at the moment?


Do you have any tricks for staying focused?

Keep your eye on the prize.

How do you relax at the end of a hard day?

Usually watching documentaries on earth, or murderer mysteries or my guilty pleasure – TV shows on celebrity/high profile scandals.

Who (or what) has been your greatest teacher?

Experience and mistakes.

What’s your biggest aggravation or pet peeve at the moment?

Retailers who buy conservatively, forcing consumers to shop online for anything interesting.

Choose one designer, living or dead, that you would like to have dinner with.

Alexander McQueen

Do you have a motto, credo or general slogan that you live by?

Visualise your dream

Can you offer any advice to designers that you might offer yourself, if you could go back in time and “do it all over?”

Trust your gut instinct, it’s always right.

Newson in Black

Mono in Chocolate

Flatpack in Chocolate

Edison in Black

Starck in Nickel



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