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We all dream about having that bespoke wardrobe; where we know that each and every piece has been custom sewn to fit our physique. The clothes, they feel like a second skin, the shoes, were made to fit a King, the accessories, give us a feeling of uniqueness and the ‘look’ resonates with our character and personality. And there you have it – a part of your life that was totally designed for you.

Gents are getting pretty savvy on the internet when it comes to seeking out garments that resonate with their personal style. MenStylePower are thrilled to read the data that’s been crunched by various retail monitors to see that this trend is taking place. But I can surely say it will change again. And this is how.

Luxury is not going to be purely defined by brands. It’ll be defined by bespoke items available only to the individual and styled back to his lifestyle. And one online retailer leading the way here is J.J. Threads.


J.J. Threads is not your typical shirt-maker. They’ve put together an exceptional collection of the world’s best shirting fabrics including a large array of textiles, combined with the skills of world class Hong Kong tailors, to be able to deliver to your door shirts designed by you, and made by them. They have gone through extensive research and built a sophisticated website showcasing their ability to make your designs. And let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed.


Using an interactive design interface, you can choose the exact fit, details and finishing touches of your shirt to make sure that it reflects your very own signature style.


The Founder, Jay Wich, moved to Hong Kong, and decided he needed to upgrade his wardrobe. That vibrant city is the best place to attempt to do so, as the culture of custom made garments by tailors is still alive and strong. Here, Jay noted the elegance in the workmanship and the ease to find some of the best fabrics in the world. After checking out his new made-to-measure dress shirts (that were both comfortable and flattering), he vowed never to buy off-the-rack shirts again.

The shirts offered by J.J. Threads are suitable for all occasions, whether for a casual work day or for the fast paced Hong Kong nightlife.

And not only is there a place to wear them, the J.J. Threads community on their website enables members to post their personal profile on the site along side their custom made designs.


MenStylePower checked out the seamlessly integrated shirt design experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Stig went to the “Design” section, browsed the huge array of fabrics for each panel of the shirt; cuffs, collars, buttons and fit and created his custom-made dress shirt.

Boo-yaa Gents. It’s easy, new, bespoke and delivered to your door within 2 weeks in elegant packaging like the old days. Go J.J. Threads; we’ll be back again!

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Our friend, Justin from the Upper Echelon receives his shirt also. Boo-yaa!

Our friend, Justin from the Upper Echelon receives his shirt also. Boo-yaa!

Nice Justin!

Nice Justin!



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