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Things for the Wealthy. Times are a changing when it comes to the way us Gents buy.

Studies throughout the USA and Europe are showing that we are more concerned about buying a piece of luxury that fits our DNA, than to buy the same expected luxury item to impress peers. If the item is unique and speaks to us, and makes us feel a certain way – this outweighs the need for well known brands. Besides, when high end brands release diffusion ranges, they allow a piece of their wealth to be available to the masses. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it shows that much is available, and little is being hunted for. So what if you could be introduced to luxury pieces that not a lot of people know about, and it speaks right into your heart as a unique and well styled individual? Are you in pursuit of the good life? Hmmm, look no further.


As history states, Page and Cooper, were two young men with an eye for design and on the hunt for the holy grail of luxury. Their passion for fast cars, fine wine and fair company put them on the scene as ‘The Guys’ with an eye for detail. And haven’t you heard Menstylepower many a time mention that the devil is in the detail? Yup. So we stumbled across this awesome little website and discovered that decedents of these dudes, Harry Page and George Cooper (who first met outside Tommy Nutter’s famous emporium in London’s Savile Row in the swinging sixties) were mates who decided to merge their skills and create a business sourcing fine things for fine people. They prospered and enjoyed the good life.

Tommy Nutters

From Monaco to Monza, from St. Paul to St. Tropez, Page and Cooper lived their lives in pursuit of the finest, seeking out only the best and beautiful merchandise which they shared with friends, customers and like minded individuals. Everyone came to know that Page and Cooper was a name synonymous with quality and luxury; and they loved being in on the deal.

As we move in this fast paced work, we have found the nostalgic little things like model cars and motorcycles, are few and far between and we were delighted to see that Page and Cooper were offering these to their customers. As you know, the Stig of Style is a mad motorcycle fanatic, so when he saw the miniature models (cars only) he was thrilled. It took him right back to his childhood gluing those little critters together.


If you can’t get to the read deal, like Silverstone or a Red Bull F1 event, Page and Cooper offer Silverstone racing bags and Red Bull Coat Stands. The owner of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz is a very successful dude, and we’ve had the honour of staying at his luxury island called Laucala near Fiji. This man knows serious luxury and clearly Page and Cooper are certainly bringing you something special with offering his ranges.

Page and Cooper offer exclusive watches, accessories, model cars, artwork and Gulf Racing merchandise. All MEN stuff and all with a wonderful storytelling and historical feel. We indeed like the Steve McQueen’s film ‘Le Mans’ which gave the Gulf Porsche 917 an iconic status. And so you can get yourself a piece of the Gulf Vintage merchandise through these Gents. And also an original reproduction of the dark blue open face racer helmet that Steve McQueen wore in the film. What a collectors item!

steve-mcqueen-gulf-porsche-le-mans2Autoart Gulf Porsche 917 K Steve McQueen Le Mans (55) 800x600

Enjoy your browse when you look through the variety of high-end men’s bags, belts, caps, vintage jackets, polos, scarves and t-shirt. Grab yourself a timeless piece of wrist jewellry too with the brands only the wealthy know – Autodromo, Damasko, Glycine, and Ralf Tech.


In the true spirit of storytelling, the Autodromo Watches were founded to recapture a romantic era of motoring. It was a time of Gran Turismo when driving from city to city wasn’t just a matter of hopping onto a motorway. It meant slipping on your driving gloves for a high speed jaunt through the great roads of Europe with a powerful, sweet-sounding engine propelling you into new adventures, and maybe even a little danger. You can’t be out every day, blasting through alpine passes and winding country roads, but with an Autodromo timepiece on your wrist, your mind can be motoring, even when you are in the dullest of Monday meetings.

Enjoy your browsing….we’ll see you when we get back from Isle of Man… Motor on!

Gulf retro jacket



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