N. Hoolywood at #NYFW


In a darkened ballroom during NYFW, the only light for the eager viewers hangs from the ceiling in the shape of rickety chandeliers.
Like pre-schoolers unable to sit still, the crowd anticipates the runway collection of H. Hoolywood while a piecing harmonica echo’s through the room. Setting the mood for what is to come a jagged stretch of chairs creates a snake-like pathway for the models to emerge. The music, a mix of cowboy looks strutting down the runway to an eclectic sound of wind instruments and American Indian beats.

Who is this obscure N.Hoolywood with their Spring/Summer 2014 collection called TWO GUN HART? There’s something visually wrong with all the spelling, but nothing amiss with the collection. Long haired models stride down the runway with trademark beards. Long and short. Slouched shoulders as if they were taking a minute siesta, and long drawn faces as if weathered from the sun. Saddle bags graced shoulders and prints rouched over medium build Gents. The humble neckerchief was ever-present in this collection, as was with many more in their SS14 looks.

Welcome back to the Long Lost Cowboy, combining leathers, suede, denim, cottons and linens into the fabrics. Gingham, checks and rich colours claimed silhouettes and flat paneled hats rode on heads. A collection very much on trend with itself, and catering for a definite groups of Gents.



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