Paul Smith #LFW


Bloomin’ Sir Paul Smith’s middle name should be Lord Trouser! This man’s signature piece is definitely trousers galore. In fact, he’s known for his ‘classic pieces with a twist’ and that he’s looking to attract a particular client. Are you that client? Someone who is individual and not looking for label identification. If that’s you, then you’ve found your sanctuary!

My first Paul Smith purchase in 1993, was a black leather jacket with scrumptious silk printed lining. I travelled all the way through Europe in the middle of winter in that jacket and then it went AWOL. Missing in freakin’ action! Later, it rear its colourful head on one of my mates. Apparently, ahem, I’d left it at a party and he happened to pick it up for me. Yeah right.


Sir Mr dashing Paul Smith, is a legend in my eyes. His consistency, measure and dedication year after year has never disappointed. In fact, I’d go as far as to say many a designer has studied his strategy under the microscope to figure out what the magic formula was. Well, it’s perhaps the most visual formula; Mr Smith was seriously just being himself. So very magnetic isn’t he.

What I love about watching designers push through the years, and knowing what they were initially interested in, is they finally get to live their life’s passions. Sir Paul Smith left school at 14, and his only ambition was to become a professional cyclist. Yet his Father hauled him into a clothing warehouse to work. Years later, decades later, Paul Smith is now in partnership with Rapha and has designed a range of cycle clothing including a jersey to celebrate the rare start of the Tour de France in London. Superb!


It is well known that Paul likes to collect things and he regularly receives gifts from a variety of people, both well-known and anonymous. He has received things like a jacket from Usain Bolt, a bag from Patti Smith with a marionette inside, a handmade book from a 10-year-old schoolgirl, and one particular fan has been anonymously sending him things covered in stamps for over 20 years.

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