Best Hairstyles for Men 2013

Side Slick

Side Slick

MenStylePower are a team of men and women. And all have hair issues. Yup.

Throughout time, and for whatever reason, every person on the planet is hit with the ‘bad hair day’. So much so, that the hair and beauty product category is cashing in on this problem.

Some days we tuck those locks under a cashmere beanie, or a hat, or slick it back, buzz it off or go a single dimensional colour to just deal with it for a season. But in today’s post, we’re showcasing the best of what’s on the Fashion Week Runways. Now there were plenty more hair-styles, but the MSP crew have edited those out. We don’t agree that the Roman Cut is flattering, or the cropped fringe on a man looks masculine, neither do we agree that the bowl cut is in anyway artistic or fashionable. Nope. It looks plain bad.

Below is a gallery of what we feel is the most flattering for Gents 30+

We also feel that the buzz cut, the crew cut, the side slick and the messy tousled crop is the sexiest and most appreciated on a Guy’s skull. And don’t fret if you have locks. The modern ‘long’ Lestat is just perfect for you, Mr. Thor. Whether you want the ‘just out of the Indian ocean’ messy crop, or something more ‘MadMen’, there’s an image for you to wear such a ‘do’ with confidence. Happy browsing.



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