Louis Vuitton’s Road to Freedom


Louis Vuitton is onto something good. Real good. And that goodness spells: Freedom. Yet many of us have different notions of what that word means. Some think it’s a release, others their moments surfing, motorcycling, running, pumping iron, financial freedom and so forth. Yet Kim Jones who brings his fifth collection for Louis Vuitton to the forefront, showcases freedom itself, as a luxury.

In today’s economic struggles, freedom is a real stretch, so calling Freedom a sense of Luxury is right on the money.

The latest Louis Vuitton menswear collection is inspired by a road trip across America. “The collection is really about the freedom of the road and that freedom itself being luxurious” says Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Studio and Style Director. “The clothing should have that do-what-you-want attitude. It’s a road trip drawing on elements of classic American culture from clothes, music to souvenirs. It’s the changing environment from city to forest to desert; that journey in a day from snow covered mountains to cacti in the desert”.

I love the idea of perfectly tailored suits worn with casually knotted bandannas. It is a great way to dress down your business attire and give it the effortless masculine look. But the greatest element of this latest Vuitton collection is this. Jones has played on the males archetypes of man. Forty-one in fact.

You have the preppy, broker, frat boy, gas jockey, scout, hippie, greaser, trust fund baby, and so on. In each case, the style was touched by the Vuitton ateliers. Tie-dye became something sumptuous and dark, the scout’s cotton drill parka was archly sewn with badges and souvenir pennants announcing his mastery of all things Vuitton, and the coat’s elbow patches were crocodile. A pastel prom jacket was woven from kimono silk. The varsity jacket was silk, too, and a denim jean jacket was actually suede. Brilliant!

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