Being a Gentleman in the 21st Century


At the turn of the century, men have evolved to include new roles under their belt. They are no longer confined to just brawn. These days, you have metrosexuals being the new norm— and women love them! Here are a few things that may just play the modern man cards right for you.

Get dapper.

Get a suit and look instantly better! Invest in a quality, bespoke suit that commands attention and tells the world you know how to take good care of yourself (and your woman). who is a friend and stunning dresser.

dapper lou parissafari

The man himself; Dapper Lou

dapper dapper lou dapper lou bag dapper lou2

Appreciate art.

Own something original, like a painting. You don’t have to lose your entire fortune, but a modern man is one who is sophisticated as well. It shows you have a refined taste and who knows; it might be an investment that might pay off more in the future.

Get interested in Joshua Petker: website click here


Joshua Petker in front of one of his creations.

You simply can’t go past Michael Zavros: outstanding! Click here


Michael Zavros paints for Gucci

Invest in your looks.

Cut your hair, trim your nails, shave your face. Look well put-together and well-kempt. Get that classic look with a refined edge. Take inspiration from the TV series Mad Men or Suits.

The Wet Look- Hair Cut

The Wet Look- Hair Cut

Enrich your experience.

A well-travelled man is a well-experienced man. And experience is something that will be unique to you. Expand your horizons and reveal to yourself more about the world. You could also end up knowing more about yourself.

A well traveled man, has stories to tell

A well traveled man, has stories to tell

Grow your palate.

Become a food connoisseur and learn the art of cooking. Mastering the basics can be a good start. Besides, it’s a good way to attract women these days. And you will never have to go hungry or rely on unhealthy fast food meals for the rest of your life.

Get your inspiration from great restaurants like Whampoa, Shanghai

Get your inspiration from great restaurants like Whampoa, Shanghai


You don’t have to earn a six-pack or biceps. But invest in your physical health because it’ll have plenty of payoffs for you in the future. Having a healthier lifestyle allows you to enjoy life completely.

A well run body will keep you happy.

A well run body will keep you happy.



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