Scent of a Wild Man: Best Colognes for Men

She leans in for a kiss. Suddenly she rears her head back, her nostrils flare and her eyes are filled with delicious incredulity. She sighs and takes in a deep breath before opening her sweet mouth to huskily ask … ‘WHAT are you wearing!?!”

She’s not talking about your BOSS leather jacket nor your G-Star jeans. She’s been caught up in the intoxicating whiff … the arousing fragrance and aroma of sandalwood, citrus and sensual pine … that’s been impressed with sleek seductiveness onto your skin.

Gents, a great cologne could change the course of your life. Or at least the course of your first date!

How do we know? Via time tested truths.

Since the beginning of time, most cultures have used perfume, oils and unguents for thousands of years to cover up BO (especially before showers were invented) and to enhance the feel of skin and the smell of the body. Myrrh and frankincense – the most valuable perfumed natural fragrances of their time, are known today as the famed gifts given to the most celebrity of babies in history – Jesus. The early Egyptians used perfumed balms as part of religious ceremonies and later as part of pre love making preparations. All to advance the cause of humanity (or at least help propagate it further).

Traditionally however, men have always had a tendency to shy away from colognes because marketing campaigns have focused on ‘pretty boys’, which made men who are men, view colognes as the stuff for sissies.

This being said, there are men who do wear cologne and these men are typically more confident in themselves and generally can easily catch the attention of others. Confidence, in anyone, will make him or her appear more attractive. However, the right cologne plays a role in this as well.

Wearing cologne is also a sign of someone who takes care of himself and cares about how presentable he is. Women love knowing that their man is hygienic, which is why they are more attracted to a cologne wearing man. Research (and numerous real life examples of girls chasing cologne-wearing men down city streets) shows that more than just covering up a bad smell, the right cologne, matched with your body oils, could seriously up your pheromones i.e. secretions that enhance your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

So what are the tips for finding and wearing the best cologne for you?

1. Shop around. Test a few different types of colognes on your skin (as they tend to smell differently when exposed to your natural body oils). Most colognes smell differently on different people because the final scent is a result of the chemistry between the oils on your skin and the cologne. So always test cologne on your skin, not your clothing because it won’t bring out the full effect of the cologne.

2. If you can, take a woman with you to shop for your scent or ask a woman or two at the shop to help pick something out for you. Her nose is key!!

3. The truly cologne savvy knows that just like clothing, there are different fragrances for different occasions. So it’s best to have a couple of different colognes to rotate, fit to different occasions [e.g., fresh everyday scent // seductive nightlife scent // woody work scent], which is sure to keep women on their toes.

4. The best places to apply cologne is where there’s the most body heat. Heat activates the cologne and allows it to last longer, while a colder area will dull the smell. These “hot spots” are the wrists, the neck, on your elbows, and behind your ears, but don’t spray it directly behind your ear, as it’ll come off as too strong. Instead, wipe some off your wrist with one finger and dab the space behind your ear.

Here are a few colognes we highly recommend:

Hot Faves

L’Homme by YSL: Fresh woody fragrance playing on contrasts opening with a bright and sparkling freshness. It sports a sharp, slightly floral smell that’ll wrap you up in sensual, manly deliciousness.

Bleu de Chanel is Chanel’s “first major male fragrance since 2004’s Allure Homme Sport and its first men’s master brand since 1990’s Egoïste.” Bleu, which means blue in French, is meant to embody an idea of freedom represented by the olfactory note of a deep blue sea, a theme also reflected in the color of the flacon. In fact, ANYTHING Chanel will work for you. A stunning fashion and designer house that makes no mistakes.

Diesel’s Fuel for Life Men is an energetic potion that teases the nose with clarity and modernity yet maintains a classic and sophisticated masculinity. Accents of raspberry give an unexpected signature twist.

Bvlgari (Bulgari) – Launched by the design house of Bvlgari in 1995, this cologne is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of rosewood, pepper, musk, and tea accompanied by aqua and spicy notes. We recommend it for daytime wear.

Dolce & Gabbana celebrated 22 years of menswear in June 2012. ‘The One Gentleman’  is based on oriental notes that should exude confidence and sophistication. The scents of this new fragrance include: pepper, fennel, lavender and cardamom, while the bottom is composed of vanilla and patchouli.

Memoir Amouage Man is a leather/woody fougere, with top notes of absinthe, wormwood, basil and mint. The heart is a blend of rose, frankincense and lavender absolute; the base a mix of sandalwood, vetiver, guaiac wood, amber, vanilla, musk, oak moss, leather and tobacco. For a touch of elan, the bottles are made of black glass crystal, topped with a silver caps accentuated by a black Swarovski crystal.

Le Male Jean - Jean Paul Gaultier’s classic is a a sweet and woody fragrance with a hint of mint, and a dash of orange and lavender to smooth it out. The cologne is perfect for the winter time when you need somebody to warm you up. This cologne came out in 1995, and exploded like a bomb around the globe. You would smell this everywhere, and ladies were eating it up. Ladies still love this cologne, so it’s definitely a must have. A lot of reviewers say to spray this sparingly though, keep it down to 3 sprays; any more than that and it’ll become an obnoxious, gauche bully.

ACQUA DI GIO by GIORGIO ARMANI was introduced in 1996. A lot of women love this fresh scent. It has a strong citrus tone combined with a hint of rosemary and offers a spicy aquatic freshness. Recommended for summer days. The one caveat is that since it’s the best-selling cologne on the market, it’s a bit played out. It’s perfect for casual wear, bad for first impressions.



Black Orchid by TOM FORD – Since hitting the scene post his very successful Gucci days, Mr Ford has released an outstanding perfume range that smells like nothing on the market. The other impressive point to note, is that his fragrances are uni-sex since the explosion of women wanting to wear men’s fragrances. No, it’s not that they are interested in women, the movement occurred as they were tired of being marketing sweet floral scented fragrances and wanted something with a bit of grunt! So along comes Black Orchid with its dark gothic patchouli, chocolate, flowery and spicy, kinky and sexy allure.


Chanel Allure for MenTrust Chanel to give its male potion a fragrant nature that’s peppered with essences of bergamot, jasmine and cedar and blended with notes of vanilla, sandalwood and amber. This dashing cologne compliments the three piece suit as well as evening attire.

Armani Attitude - After Attitude’s powerful opening, one gets a pleasant whiff of cardamom and lavender (both easily recognizable) before the scent moves into its best (and final) phase. Attitude’s base notes are cedar, patchouli and (I think) vanilla; the base has a “coffee-amber” aroma. All the base notes are smooth, pleasant and slightly sweet. We’ve heard stories of girls holding this scent to their noses and literally rolling her eyes into the back of her head with ecstasy. Now imagine yourself having that effect on a lady!!

Other respectable mentions:

CK One

Play by Givenchy

Guilty by Gucci

Bang by Marc Jacobs

L’Eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake

Touch by Burberry

Bulgari Pour Homme Soir

Dunhill Pursuit

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior for Men

Eternity for Men

So dudes, remember that wearing cologne is really the icing on the cake to a complete look and style.  It can take women over the edge, leave a scented whiff for a great first impression … and add a dash of uber confidence to your swagger!