2014 Men’s Style Trends – Predictions

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Fashion and style are cyclical, but any Gentleman worth his weight in free swag knows that you need to take something old-fashioned and make it relevant today.

Whether it’s a collar pin/tab, tie bar, lapel flower, braces, or whatever else you find while mining through old photos from the 1950s and 1960s, ensure you find a way of incorporating into your look and pulling it off.

Whatever you opt for, try and find something that has been ridiculously expensive when it came out, completely exclusive and not really that wearable in everyday life.

Ps: the outfit above is from Lubiam, check out their website here.

burlap check flower US$12.50 etsy.com

burlap check flower US$12.50 etsy.com


No longer just the choice of the metro-sexual, men’s jewelry has become a mainstream fashion statement.  The luxury market took a beating in the down economy. No surprises there. But one segment has unexpectedly doubled since 2007: the men’s jewelry market. Spending on men’s jewelry now accounts for 20% of consumers’ high-end-jewelry expenditure. Men are buying jewelry to show they pay attention to their appearance. In this competitive work environment, it’s a necessity to stand out. In a way, men are returning to a time when royalty used jewelry to show their importance. It’s part of an ever evolving definition of masculinity. What’s important to know also, is it’s men buying the jewelry themselves, because they like a piece and will spend close to $1,000 on a “statement piece” — like Bvlgari men’s ring designed by Anish Kapoor — and see it as an investment.  The fastest-growing accessories, however, are bracelets and necklaces — up 23% and 21% respectively, from 2008. Cufflinks come in at No. 4.

Men can get themselves decked in gold, titanium, sterling silver, diamonds, CZ cubic zirconias and gemstones however for 2014, our hands down fav jewelry material is mixed metals. For high end luxury jewelry look no further than Bvlgari, D&G Jewels, Tiffany & Co and even try the Shamballa, worn by rap mogul Jay-Z. If your budget is tight, Macys, Bloomingdales, H&M and even JC Penney have a wide selection to suit any and every self respecting gent.

Pyramid bracelet - goldshamballa-black-goldjay-z-gotham mag -shamballa


The artistic, creative but slightly morbidly goth runt of the chino litter, black chinos are coming back as the stylish man’s new essential item. Why? Who the hell knows. Perhaps it was the help of the Nudie and Ksubi jeans creators who have loved black since the inception of their brands. Waxed, distressed and rugged blacks have been a great amplifier of the masculine look, yet we’re seeing now that the dark knight shade is now permitting itself to be a little more tailored. Black trousers, chinos, jeans, and Tuxedo pants look awesome in winter paired with a t-shirt, leather jacket and full on biker aesthetic. And yes the cafe racer look is definitely back.

Check out our post on the ‘Right leather jacket for you’.

blk chinos1black chinos


We’re so happy that this aesthetic has finally broken into a strong strapping gallop. Smart Casual generally meant you wore trousers and a collared shirt, with a matching belt and shoes. This turned into wearing a pair of happy socks, then an oversized watch by T.W Steel, then it emerged into something more dapper. With the lack of formal functions in many western countries, Gents have decided not to hide their more formal wear, and bring it out into everyday wear. Mixing a smart casual bottom i.e jeans, slacks, chinos or distressed denims and mixing it with a more formal ‘upper’ look i.e. wing collared shirt, double breasted vest, dandy sports jacket, leather bow-tie, a cravat and a jacket pin. The play of colours is unlimited, as is the ability to accessorise. Wicked!



By blue, I obviously mean Saint Laurent blue. And by Saint Laurent blue, I obviously mean French blue. And by French blue, I meant cobalt, and by that I mean – well, any blue under the big blue. BTW, Laurent blue is dark blue. They were famous for bringing black and blue together as fashionable colours.

Let’s just say – in 2014, you will be adding blue to each look you create. Get every item you can in this colour and wear them in each dressing session. Blue is masculine, it’s calming on the eye. It’s complementary colours are tan, black, grey and silver. And definitely NOT green. Every dude reading this post has blue in his wardrobe. Yep, it’s the ol’ faithful denim jeans – so take a page out of its existence. Blue is awesome.

To get some inspiration on this trend, check out our ‘Into the Navy’ post.

Classic Navy Leather Cortez Nikes

Classic Navy Leather Cortez Nikes

stock ss blue

Trussardi shoes off the safest look on the planet. Blue jeans and a white T.

Trussardi shoes off the safest look on the planet. Blue jeans and a white T.

JA suit blue

Ralph Lauren Polo

Ralph Lauren Polo



There’s something about mod fashion that transcends the casual-formal divide. Perhaps it’s the aspirational working class origins; the fact that its androgynous appearance – tailored and fitted for men, A-line and moderately spacious for women – goes against the strict 1950s gender lines; or the confluence of American, French and Italian elements.

Whatever it is, mod fashion’s timelessness evokes both a period image and one that effortlessly integrates with current trends.

In 2014, countless collections emphasised the dark, tailored suit – a key component of mod style and a silhouette composed primarily of straight lines with a hint of a waist – whilst the re-emergence of desert boots and turn-up trousers, coupled with the occasional roll neck and striking pop culture graphic, helped to flesh out the trend.

To modernise your Mod look, make sure that each piece suits your body and your taste. Everything needs to look ‘just tailored’. For vintage attire, look for a check in Ben Sherman, Grey Flannel, black, brown and grey tones in tops and bottoms. For a casual look, embody pegged/tapered jeans (complete with turn-ups), roll necks and footwear silhouettes like desert boots, Oxfords and bowling shoes.

Graphic tops, sweaters and long-sleeves are a must in this genre of attire. Bright and colourful pieces are continuing to dominate menswear, colour-blocking and patterns have fused to create the graphic garment. Selecting such a piece and combining it with fitted trousers alludes to that mid-1960s mod look. Oh, and don’t forget the skinny black tie. Cheers.

mod-4 mod-2 mod-1


Did you know that the use of sunglasses started to become widespread in the early 1900s, when silver screen stars donned a pair of darkened spectacles NOT to avoid recognition by fans, but to protect their eyes from the powerful arc lamps used to light up Hollywood’s movie sets. Fans begun to imitate their favourite stars’ look and the phenomenon took off,  persisting to today, long after the introduction of ultraviolet filters onset had eliminated this problem.”Aha!” you say. Aha indeed.

Today sunglasses are both functional and fashionable; helping to shield your eyes from harmful, cancerous rays sent by our evil sun and maintaining your ultra cool look while you do it. In 2014, we predict that the trendsetters will be  sporting ever more ridiculous sunglasses. If you feel so led, please send (email: stylemeister@menstylepower.com) through a mug shot of yourself in an utterly zany pair and we may publish it on MSP. We’re liking the following awesome brands: Police, Ray Bans, Taylor Morris eyewear, Monokel eyewear, Ralph Lauren, Oakley, Gant and Prada.

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And also our post on a designers take on sunglasses and specs: ‘PQ’s eyewear’

Tom Ford modelling his eyewear

Tom Ford modelling his eyewear

G glasses

The latest Aviator's from Ray Bans

The latest Aviator’s from Ray Bans



Forget shoe laces boys. The relaxed post GFC atmos has meant that along with fuss free, minimalist living, we’re looking for less time consuming, more economical and clean detailed products in every area of our lives … even shoes. Since Gucci’s Spring 2011 Menswear show we saw all the attention focused on footwear, namely slip on loafers. With a timeless and elegant approach, these “Made in Italy by Gucci” slipons work extremely well for both a chillaxed weekend look as they do as part of a tailored suit finish, adding panache and bring a vintage appeal to your overall image. Slip out and get you some slip on!

shoes slip-on1 moccasins


Nothing is more heart-breaking than seeing those who are vulnerable being abused, hurt, ripped-off and beaten down. Life in general can do that to people, let alone another human being projecting their physical strength onto a child or weaker person. The popularity of ‘king hits’ on our metro-street which places teenagers into hospitals with comas or worse, is not only tragic, but down right stupid.

Bikers have always been perceived as tough, not-to-mess-with individuals that hang around in gangs and live their lives dangerously, but there is more to them than that. Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) is an association that works towards protecting children, offering support and intimidating the ones hurting the young.

Motorcyclists from across the world support the organization in their goal to create a safer environment for children. This is the only non-profit organization that helps youngsters who have been victims of abuse, physical or mental, face their nightmares by standing by their side and intimidating their aggressors.

They act all over the United States helping kids remove their fears; the members are fully grown men and women that look as intimidating as it gets. Once they have a case to handle, they follow it until they are sure that the child is confident and not afraid of the world anymore. The organisation was founded in 1995.

Click here for their website: BACA – Bikers Against Child Abuse.


Those days are long gone, with the death of the “metrosexual” whose pre-eminence was related to something less than macho. We’re now eager and open to embracing strong male icons who aren’t shy to come across as strongly male – not boorish mind you, but rough and ready, muscled, powerful and  a tad bit dangerous yet gentlemanly and refined. The ‘masculine’ trend is even seeping into women fashion, lending clearly structured and clean cuts, neutral colors, to clothes that seem to have been borrowed from a woman’s boyfriend’s wardrobe, yet reinterpreted in a feminine way.

2014-savvy sexual male


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