#MaisonMartinMargiela: The Invisible Designer


Martin Margiela, The Invisible Designer

Martin Margiela, The Invisible Designer circa 1997

Martin Margiela, an invisible genius. Having worked for Jean Paul Gaultier and the rebellious Comme des Garçons, this Belgium born designer has broken every rule, carrying on designs, revolting against the luxurious fashion world with garments of over-sized proportions such as long arms, and with linings, seams and hems on the outside. This trend however, although created back in the 80’s, has been adapted by many a now-designer. But what’s even more curious, is Margiela has never given an interview, and just try and find a picture of him on the internet.

Throughout his career, Martin Margiela has maintained a low personal profile. He has never had his picture taken and remains backstage after his shows. All media contact is dealt with via fax. Yup! And talk about discreet, Martin left his name sake in 2009, and a new design team took the company to the next stage.

The wonderful thing about Martin Margiela is exposed through Patrick Scallon, who as the director of communications was the most visible face of the house for 16 years until he resigned October, 2008. He said that Mr. Margiela believes customers should react to the clothes and the philosophy, not the news media hype.

When a designer declines the media hype and the fame associated with celebritism today, we also think of the Great Purple One, Prince. He also hides in the shadows and allows his music to speak for itself.

Menstylepower, as many of you would know – do the same thing. Stig and Style have been more like Charlie, from the Charlie’s Angels than taking the fame that comes with selfies and bloggers.What they say is for the Gents, and not for their own leverage. Many thanks to all the fans over the last 5 years. Let’s see many more years of styling to come! (Ps: In no way do the founders compare themselves to the genius of Prince and Martin Margiela! They’re just dudes who love clothes and character!).

Below, as per the forecast trend of ‘blues’ for 2014- the MMM accessory range in tonal teals, sea blues, sky blues and accompanying tans. Like!

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