Sole Brother #Part 1

lace and zipper boot

Men are judged by their shoes, that’s no secret, so in this post (and the next) we’re showcasing in a very outlandish way a selection of shoes that we’ve found off various sites that resonate with the team at MSP.

The shoes are designer, they are from big fashion houses, single houses, young blood designers, one offs and vintage.

Some are instantly recognizable like the Giuseppe Zanotti or the McQueen pair, and then others not – but what they all have in common is that they’re beautiful, magnificent, powerful and intoxicating.

They’re militant, utilitarian, macho and elegant. But most of all, they’re here to inspire you, to look further than you normally would, and to peer into the detail of craftsmanship and materials. Shoes, unlike other clothing, are worn by only one person. When leather is heated it molds to the shape of the wearer. So even if you do sell those vintage Vuitton’s on eBay, the buyer will love the achievement of purchasing a decent and exceptional designer shoe, but he will never fit into them like you. Man-derella.

Look out for our second post later in the week.

Over and out Sole Brother!


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