#TomFord 2014 Menswear Collection

Fashion is fast and furious. Style is everlasting. So how does one balance what is appealing to him in fashion and what is going to fade away next season?

Firstly, we would say the integrity of the designer. Quality, quality and more quality. Classic styles and use of fabrics and technology. (Ahem, and also keeping your clotheshorse (p.s.- body) in shape).

Tom Ford is a great example of fashion’s action/reaction dialectic. His latest Spring collection was blasting out every colour of the rainbow and now… Black, dark and mysterious shades for Fall.

You would imagine this powerhouse of menswear to follow the same genres of designs year in and year out, but Mr Ford has impressed MenStylePower by adding to his already outstanding repertoire of clothing, to take on the SportsLuxe look.

Tom_Ford_016_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_023_NYFW2014
In his current collection, Mr Ford has shown only two suits. The reason for this is he wanted to capture the other side of his customer’s life, the sports’ life.
Tom_Ford_022_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_028_NYFW2014
Voluminous topcoats swirled around a stovepipe silhouette; a coyote-lined parka wrapped a bouclé-like sweater (yarn hand-spun in Peru, hand-knitted in Italy); and gray shearling over a gray cashmere hoodie.

The remarkable shift in direction regarding the new collection is that men not only wear the immaculately tailored attire, but they also looks after their body and physique – with activity.

Mr Ford is the living example of ‘a good body shows off your style collection the best’ but not only is this important, health is important for your longevity especially if you have a family. No father wants to go before his time is due, especially from preventable illnesses.

The most telling addition to Ford’s newly casual Fall repertoire may well have been trainers. He called them “tennis shoes.” Said he’d been resisting them forever, or at least “until I could figure out how to make them distinctive.” The secret? They are produced using the hand-polishing technique that is applied to Ford’s dress shoes: three days per pair, to yield a lustrous aged-in-wood effect.

Such obsessive attention to detail has always been Ford’s calling card. When the item merits the attention, the result can be stunning. And so it was with Fall’s eveningwear. Anyone needing their color fix could find it in lustrous silk jacquard jackets, in exotic ikats, or in lush textures. And there was still color elsewhere in the collection: a zing of chartreuse slipped into a pile of cashmere sweaters, a tasty selection of spice tones in amid the urban charcoal. Divine. We definitely like.

Tom_Ford_013_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_021_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_018_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_012_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_011_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_005_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_003_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_002_NYFW2014 Tom_Ford_001_NYFW2014



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