#BillyReid City Dweller and Country Gent


Billy Reid is not particularly of the top shelf of Designer Houses, but we don’t care. He’s calling out an archetype that we’ve seen most Gents really affiliate with – the Luxury Lumber Jack & The Country Gent.


Billy Reid’s collection adheres to the rustic gentleman that he has so clearly perfected. His clients will find lots of lasting staples in this Fall lineup.

And his inspiration for this last collection? Textures from blankets he was creating for his retail store. Isn’t it funny how creativity can HIT you when you least expect it.


Reid’s most striking throw-turned-topper came in the form of a full-length brushed plaid coat. In a blend of gray, taupe, and rust, it seemed the picture of luxury as it swayed down the catwalk over gray tweed trousers and a handsome herringbone jacquard sweater in the same hues. This ensemble epitomized the rugged elegance that ran throughout the collection. As is often the case, Reid’s Fall man likes to look smart, but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty (with the exception of the guy donning cream moleskin jeans and a sharp camel coat—whoever wears that will want to avoid the grit).

Billy_Reid04 Billy_Reid05 Billy_Reid07 Billy_Reid10 Billy_Reid06 Billy_Reid11 Billy_Reid12



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