Helmut Lang x Theophilus London #BarneysNY


The 27-year-old Theophilus London is well beyond his years. Although his name is ancient (meaning Friend of God in Biblical terms), his style sits well into the 21st-century.  Mystical, free spirited, expressive and an old soul, Theophilus’s complementary title today – is the muse of legendary Helmut Lang.

The name Helmut Lang has always been synonymous with a kind of sophisticated, street-wise way of dressing, so it should come as no surprise that the Trinidadian-born, Brooklyn-raised MC is an admirer of the brand. Lang’s latest collection represents a zone, filled with splashed paint, imprints of barbed wire and dark mysterious camouflage colors of khaki, grey marle, blacks and monochromatics. While London’s genre-bending approach draws from a range of styles, from soul-pop and post-punk to electro and contemporary R&B.

Helmut Lang vs Theo_1 Helmut Lang vs Theo_2

This collaboration is eclectic, a mix of opposites perfectly forming a beautiful chaos! Check out the Helmut Lang’s Spring 2014 menswear line at Barneys New York, or go to the store to experience a truly uber-cool collaboration.

In the video below, Theophilus chats with manager Brendan Fallis about clothes, music and the creative process at large. But what’s even more exciting is seeing the Helmut Lang clothing in action as Theophilus unconsciously showcases how the fabrics move and fold with the wearer twists, turns and expressive rap movement. Awesome!

After you’ve heard what he has to say, give a listen to his new EP Lovers Holiday II and then head over to Barneys New York @BarneysMan, to check out a surprise conducted by Theophilus and where to buy these awesome pieces.

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