Van Heusen Helps Keep Aussie Men Cool


We’ve all wondered why our Aussie men are awed upon by our northern neighbors. Perhaps there’s a curiosity on their British and European heritage? Perhaps the love of the outdoors and their adventurous and exploratory DNA has something to do with it as well. Maybe because they’re not so metro, or retro, they’re sort of in between, or maybe it’s the laid-back attitude. Whatever it is, an Australian Company is looking at emulating the Aussie man attitude to the behaviour of fibres in their suiting.


The company’s new range of Van Heusen Evercool® suits, shirts and underwear features performance technology that keeps the body cool, a first for the Australian market.


A couple of years back, the Van Heusen Performa campaign, featured Richard Cilli, a principal dancer for the Sydney Dance Company, wearing the high-tech suits and putting them to the test – the test of strenuous movements in the form of dance. The beautifully shot stills and TVC are brought to life by renowned director and photographer, Tim Richardson.

The TVC shows amazing slow motion shots of Cilli at speeds of 1000 frames per second, with flaring back lights and controlled ambient lighting effects employed to show heat and cool, highlighting the UV reflecting, moisture-wicking and cooling qualities of the Van Heusen Evercool® range. Looking damn good!


The Van Heusen Evercool® technology is a first in men’s business apparel, which harnesses performance qualities found in traditional sportswear into stylish and wearable suiting, city dressing and underwear. Now we all know how uncomfortable we get wearing a suit that makes you look like you’re dressed in a bucket of water. Perhaps that’s another reason why many a Gent has not really made an effort with their suiting. Because the technology hasn’t been there to make it a pleasure the wear. Van Heusen’s new technology reflects light, absorbs moisture, has moisture wicking stretch fabric and allows your body heat to exit while keeping the fibres cool. Now this is good news for Australia’s who, as we all know, battle heat and humidity at the best of times.

The campaign can be viewed on the Van Heusen website, and Facebook channels.




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