A Mark of Dignity!

Every now and then I get a little obsessive about searching for a significant item that will define not only those style lovers who want to break out of the saturated retail market, but also for those unique individuals who aren’t lured into the greed that is consumerism.

That very ‘thing’ that I have pondered on, is a symbol of lineage, and one that represents not only an individual but a family. A long history of family.

Now, rewind your shadow senses to envisaging yourself on a horse; a large white galloping stallion, bearing a sword, and a signet ring so large you mistake it for a shield! It’s made of gold. It holds your family’s name. Your name. An emblem. And it’s significant and one of a kind. Are you getting this?

The item I’m talking about is indeed the Signet Ring.

Now, the word “signet” is derived from the Latin word “signum”, meaning “sign”. And I must say it is a ‘sign of the times’, if I can quote Prince so eloquently, that the savvy consumer is much more interested in individual pieces that are authentic to one-self, instead of the lure of excess that retail is doing so well of late. It seems the world is on ‘sale’ at present.

Although we will bring to you the latest, the craziest, the new, the vintage and the unique – if you, my fellow man, are looking for something very ‘you’, then this is that piece of style that is a no-brainer. It’s warrior like, it’s a hero’s statement, it’s a spiritual authority and worn by Kings. Come to think of it, a signet ring represents the 5 Archetypes that we talk about in our e-book; The Inner Man.

No other form of jewellery has played such an important role throughout history; been involved in ancient customs or superstitions like the Signet Ring. Today the Signet Ring is still an iconic piece of jewellery, bestowing the modern day owner with a sense of pride and distinction.


A ring distinguished an individual in a way that other forms of jewellery did not. Finger rings represented the language of social code, and connoted one’s social standing. Under the Empire, the finger ring was still considered a privilege, conferred for military distinction. As time wore on and attitudes changed, the ring was more freely bestowed. Even so, the ring retained its position as a mark of dignity, as a rich ornament, as an important seal, and as a token of betrothal.

The wearing of signet ring in different figure indicates some meaning, if you wear a ring in thumb it indicates sexuality of a man, in forefinger it indicates the ability of a man, in middle finger it shows the man’s influence that he is handsome, wedding finger tells for itself and in little figure it indicates the creative temperament of a man. Sometimes the design impresses into the material of the ruling itself. Signet rings are mentioned in the bible, and are used right up to the present day.

So if you’re a man of elite style, or if you’re just wanting to commence your own personal journey into your heritage, your true inner self and merging the inner and outer man, then this is certainly a piece of jewellery you cannot ignore.



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  1. Actually the thumb is the merchant finger, the index finger is the scholar finger, the middle finger is the fool’s finger, the third finger is the wedded finger and the pinkie is the lover’s finger

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