The Dirty Gucci Man…Comes Clean

The Dirty Gucci Man walks into the Sunlight.

The notoriously Dirty Gucci Man, (not to be confused with Dirty Gucci Mane; rapper) is a term used for that elegantly dress man with a five o’clock shadow and that JBF hairstyle, who quite frankly darlin’… couldn’t give a damn. The girls love him, the gents want to be him, and he’s been around for a very long time.

You may have seen him at the entertainment fashion parties, or standing at a swanky bar saying nothing but projecting everything, secretive and sexy. His swagger is purposeful, and his Chivas Regal is always room temperature. Alas the dark shadow who smoothly glides up beside the hottest damsel in the house, has suddenly – wait for it – come clean. Not with his secrets or his little black book, but the black has become white. Do we have a Gemini on our hands here? Angel on one shoulder and a devil of a critter on the other?

Sand, latte and greys are on the agenda


A little history will always give you a heads up on the kind of guys who want to take on the Gucci persona. The Fashion House, Gucci – was founded aptly by Guccio Gucci in Florence, 1921. It is now owned by the French company PPR. Why? Well that’s the game of the fashion business, for when the founder moves on or dies (or loses his desire to create fashion anymore), other fashion houses swoop in for the kill. And this kill is big. Gucci generated circa €4.2 billion in revenue worldwide and climbed to 41st position in in Business Week’s magazine “Top Global 100 Brands”, and is the BIGGEST-selling Italian brand. Gucci is a 20ct diamond.

Unforgettable stripes, a signature move from Gucci.

Gucci has still maintained its exceptional tailor made appeal, lined with thick stitching and masculine leather cuffs and mouth watering hardware. But as the sun lights up people’s faces, Gucci has lightened the fabrics, the color palettes and the minds of those who may, well, have expected the softer shades to creep in from the shadows. We don’t mind this at all. In fact, it’s a wonderful contrast for those who love the brand and do like to lighten things up when the winter months are swept away.



Close up and personal, leather cuffs and hardware.

Greys, sands and camels are matched into the off whites used by Gucci to salute its current campaign. The worldly recognised stripes are in favor on light weight jersey and silk jumpers and pull overs. Belts in soft sand and latte colors are accessorized with flashy silver hardware and stunning duffel bags and over-nighters are texturised in diamond patters and crocodile skin yardage. True to the sophistication of the Gucci branding, take a look at some of the accessories below and sit in awe. We did. And then we went out and bought the stuff.

Gucci SS Collection 2014

Gucci SS Collection 2014


ps: Here’s  little trivia for you:

In 1998 Guinness World Records cited the Gucci “Genius Jeans” as the most expensive pair of jeans in existence. These jeans were distressed, ripped and covered with African beads and were offered for sale for US$3,134 in Milan. This record has since been surpassed in June 2005 by Levi Strauss & Co.’s 115-year-old 501 jeans that was sold to an anonymous Japanese collector for $60,000. 


And for those who just MUST see the collection in black.





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