Marc Jacobs’ Resort for Men 2014 – YES PLEASE!


DAMN RIGHT. We’re really enjoying the written word on the sweaters, which of course was started in the 70’s exposing political dislike among the public. Today, it’s just a given that some of the most powerful designers are going to keep some core items in their collections, saying ‘sumthin sumthin;’ AKA MAXWELL! (Big shout out).

Don’t forget to wear your attire back with a pair of these from Marc as well.

MJgold sheoes


Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2014/15– brings decades of fashion into the now. This collection mixes subtle styles from multiple different eras: ascots and color blends reminiscent of the ’70s, dapper rugby looks for a ’50s throwback, and outerwear that’s right in line with the now. The collection is filled with everything from funky bicycle prints to cool stripes and plaids. The styling, of course, is typical Marc Jacobs–short, slim pants paired with super-skinny V-neck sweaters and some seriously slick shoes and accessories.




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